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Monday, February 19, 2018

“The French philosopher believes that many French people associate Putin with de Gaulle”

Many with Charles Gaulle and wish their country was led by such a leader. This was stated by the philosopher Ivan Bloch, presenting in Moscow his book “Putin’s Russia”. As seen in the presentation, the reporter of the newspaper VIEW, many Western experts believe in the need for a new “reset” in relations between Russia and the West.

Many people in France identify the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the President of the Fifth Republic by Charles de Gaulle and wish their country was led by such a leader. On Monday said the French philosopher and public figure, member of the Catholic Academy Ivan Blo at the presentation in Moscow of his book “Putin’s Russia”.

“Obama said that they communicate correctly with Putin. For Western Europe it came as a signal that Putin can negotiate”

“Putin is in France, not all, but many French perceived as a new de Gaulle. I often meet French people who say they wish Putin was our President,” said Blo.

The event was held in the international conference “Rethinking Russia”, organized by the International analytical center Rethinking Russia and the Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI). According to the newspaper VIEW, the book was presented in Paris in December.

Opening the conference, Director of the International research centre Rethinking Russia Jan Waclawski noted that the book Block was released in France in December, its first edition was sold out within a month. “The book of Ivan Blo is a very successful attempt to tell about Russia in a new way, – said the analyst. – I often have to deal with the fact that the array of contemporary literature about Russia does not allow to fully disclose all the variety of Russian political processes. There are many good articles, but no books. The book of Ivan Blo is a good attempt to talk about the diversity of our country, about various spheres of life – politics, economy, culture and other areas. The book was prepared jointly by the French and Russian publishers”.

Russia “wins” every time

Block noted that “in France and more generally in free countries there are prejudices” concerning the image of Russia, and he wanted to debunk. “There is a prejudice that Russia’s population is shrinking, and the culture was deteriorating, and that Russia allegedly is not a European country,” said Blo. In his opinion, because of these prejudices, imposed by the press and some politicians of Russians believe aggressive, while Russia is a dictatorship.

“Russia tried to conquer many, but each time she won. So I can’t say that it is an aggressive country. It is a country that was forced to defend itself from aggression. And if you compare it with USA, we see that the U.S. is much more aggressive,” said Blo.

“I think Russia is not a dictatorship, and I wrote in the book,” he continued. “There is a definition of democracy given by Lincoln. It says that democracy is governance by the people for the people. The people – means that the government is elected. For the people means that the government chooses a policy that is supported by people,” explained Block. “The first criterion, I believe that there are no important differences between Russia and France. The Russian Constitution is very similar to French, including the office of the President,” he said. “Often that Russia is more democratic country, because your governors are elected. Previously, it was not. In France, all governors are appointed by the government,” said the author of the book.


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