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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“The expert explained the defeat of her party in the elections”

German Christian democratic Union (CDU) led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, lost in two Federal States in the course of the three last elections in the diet (land parliaments). According to preliminary data in all three lands in the parliaments broke the existing only since 2013 the Alternative for Germany”, which is often compared to the French “National front” because it advocates a stricter immigration policy. We asked the head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov to evaluate the results of the vote.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Angela Merkel

Now attention focused on the of the HDZ, but, as recalled by the , the SPD is the party of the Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, also lost the vote.

“We see how they lose supporters at the state level. And actually, the biggest failure of elections for the SPD than for the CDU. – said Vladislav Belov. – The position of the left in Saxony-Anhalt has weakened considerably. Therefore, the situation should be considered wider, and not as a defeat for Merkel – voice loses the coalition government.

Of course, the results of the election and criticism of the government, and the Chancellor – especially her words “We can handle it!”, it is written in the autumn of last year in connection with the migration crisis. Despite the fact that the policy of the German authorities is becoming tougher – Chancellor heeded the suggestions of the “Alternative for Germany”, a “deferred” the protest was reflected in the elections.

There is dissatisfaction with the coalition government and other matters: sluggish reforms, the position of Germany on the Eurozone.

And “Alternative for Germany”, in this light, it is important to understand, is not a one party problem, the problem of migration. She went to the polls with a comprehensive program, it’s not a party-day, as, say, the pirate Party. On Federal elections, “ADG” also come out with a program offering an extensive and comprehensive reforms for Germany. What she protests is a fact, but it is not right-wing. It cannot be compared, for example, with the “National front” in France. “ADH” takes the votes of former supporters of the CDU, the SPD, the left, partially — green, disillusioned with these parties.

There is another fact that notices a little something in the last election – the party “Free Democrats” was held in two land three. This potential return, “SD” at the Federal level. And if now to make predictions, with a considerable probability we will see the results of the parliamentary elections of 2017 weak Grand coalition, with a strong enough opposition parties”.

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