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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Motivated intention of the Duma to deprive of the mandate of the “truants” to be found in the U.S.”

On 18 March, the intends to approve in the first reading the draft law on deprivation of for the “systematic failure to perform duties of a Deputy”. A week ago, the Duma majority was going to deny it, but on top the wind suddenly blew in another direction. The first victim of the new rules may be Ilya Ponomarev, which, as you know, in the United States.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A bill in July of 2015 made a just Russia led by Sergei Mironov. They wanted to include in the list of grounds for early termination of powers of the Deputy of “systematic violations” of his duties: if the public representative do not appear for months on Okhotny forgot my region – the fraction appeals to the leadership of the state Duma and the state Duma shall decide the issue by vote.

The government sent a negative review. It States that the notion “systematic” is an estimate, and there is a link to the ruling of the constitutional court of 28 February 2012, which says that the results of the elections determined by the electors, and no political party, nor its faction in the Parliament does not have the discretion to change the outcome, depriving deputies of power.

January 25, the profile of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation recommended to reject the initiative of just Russia. The arguments in the conclusion, similar to those that led the government – until the reference position of the COP.

The bill seemed doomed: in 2014, the state Duma rejected a document with the same content (the tooth on Ilya Ponomareva in the SR increased after in March 2014 he voted against the annexation of Crimea to Russia), and earlier proposals to introduce in Russia the so-called “imperative mandate” were consistently rejected by the Kremlin was against it

Now the Kremlin “for”: else to explain what happened on the morning of March 14, impossible. Almost without discussion, the Committee on constitutional legislation approved a new conclusion diametrically opposite content.

References to the COP in it was not, but stated that “the concept of the bill is relevant and requires further consideration” and argued that “existing in the bill problematic provisions can be adjusted in its preparation for the second reading”. Now “the Committee supports the General thrust of the bill and proposed that it be adopted in the first reading.”

“I didn’t expect this!” – admitted in a conversation with “MK” first Deputy head of the Committee Alexander Ageev (“CP”). One of the authors of the bill Mikhail Emelyanov (“CP”) called the event “until success” – the second reading of the text can be altered beyond recognition, as happened recently with the initiative of the CPRF on limiting the number of election observers.

Secretary of the CPRF Central Committee, Deputy Sergey Obuhov has reminded that “all parties in principle support the idea of the imperative mandate, because they believe that should have the right to get rid of people that violate their requirements”.

According to “MK”, “the winds blew the other way” at the end of last week, but even those who knew about it, didn’t think it would happen so quickly. So quickly that those present at the meeting of the Committee Dmitry Gudkov (“CP”) has objected to the bill, which potentially could be used against him – because “did not understand what was happening.”

But a threat looms over Ilya Ponomarev – at least, Sergey Mironov speaks only about it: “not doing its job, hangs out on different forums (forum “Free Russia”, recently held in Vilnius – “MK”), gets paid… what the hell?”

Mr. Ponomarev was deprived of immunity in April 2015 (TFR believes an accomplice in the fraud), and since the summer of that year living abroad. About Alexei Mitrofanov (“CP”), which was deprived of immunity on charges of attempted fraud in June 2014 and since then abroad, Mr. Mironov, answering questions of journalists, said that the matter will “be considered later”…

State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin is confident that the bill “discipline of the deputies” and somehow believes that he “will increase political competition.”

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