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Friday, January 19, 2018

“In China genetics created supersonic with staritskiy muscle”

Two out of two thousand dogs parody Beagle contained in the science lab in the South of , was at the center of active public debate. A group of scientists of China stated that by modifying the genes, they managed to get animals with double mass. The specialists of the Institute of Biomedicine in Guangzhou claim that they have received results can find application in medicine, while defenders of animal rights, the experiment was outraged.

photo: morguefile.com

Scientists blocked the two dogs gene, which needs at some stage to block the growth of muscles in dogs. As a result the dogs have grown much more muscular than is typical for their kind.

According to the researchers, their experiments aimed at the creation of animals prone to various diseases — such as Parkinson’s — for further use of these animals in search of effective and safe medicines. However, animal rights groups fear that actually scientists are driven by purely commercial interests — a number of public figures suspect that in the future “supersonic” to be sold.

The animal rights activists remind that in the past the technology, similar to that applied to dogs, in the recent past has already been used to create so-called “designer animals” — other specialists from China in 2015 with its help, has created miniature pigs that are subsequently sold for a very considerable sum, reports cbsnews.com. In another argument advocates of animal rights cite the fact that, of 60 genetically modified germ Beagle was able to survive only two.

This is not the first recent case where public figures have criticized the results obtained by scientists. In particular, recently, the public discussion has erupted around this British authorities to permit the rearing of pigs and sheep with human organs. While genetics see in such “chimeras” potential source suitable for transplantation of donor organs, the animal rights activists insist on the immorality of such practices. Earlier, animal rights activists criticized the practice of Korean experts of cloning Pets.

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