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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

“Yashin explained why it is Kadyrov complained to the press Secretary”

Secretary of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov Alvi Karimov has declared that has addressed in the state office of public Prosecutor and SK the Russian Federation with a demand to initiate a criminal case on the libel of a member of Parnas Ilya for his report on the activities of ’s “a Threat to national security”. The Yashin I am sure that this statement is personally , who asked about the service dependent on him.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Ilya Yashin

Karimov, according to “Interfax”, the statement particularly noted that acts not as an official representative of the Chechen Republic and spokesman for Kadyrov, and as an honorary citizen of their region.

According to Karimov, the report Yashin contain “insults, crude slander and groundless accusations”, and the text is “provocative and aggressive nature directed against Kadyrov and the Chechen people”.

Thus, according to Karimov, the report kindle ethnic hatred. In addition, in the text, according to the spokesman, tells of the complicated relationship between Kadyrov and the Federal security forces, whereas, actually, they are “confidential in nature”.

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Finally, Karimov denies Yashin and information that Kadyrov has a “personal army” in 30 thousand people. Press Secretary assured that the number of forces in Chechnya is much smaller, and they are all strictly within the law.

Completes the statement Karimov traditional accusation against certain forces bent by denigration of Chechnya to undermine the situation in Russia.

Recall that the report Yashin was presented in Moscow on 23 February this year. Before this he because of lack of coordination and policy of the portal “Open Russia” leaked online and was posted on their pages in social networks Ramzan Kadyrov, who claimed that in the document there is no compromising of his information: “it is Written contains nothing but hot air”.

Ilya Yashin in comments to our edition said that he was ready for such reactions Kadyrov and at the stage of preparation of the report paid great attention not only to political and moral positions, but also to be able to protect themselves from a legal point of view at any claim.

“So far, said Yashin, is essentially neither Kadyrov nor his entourage did not reply to any of claims contained in the report, despite the fact that there are quite serious accusations against the leadership of Chechnya, Kadyrov and a number of his close associates. The lack of reaction on the merits and attempt to translate discussion in a lot of the language of law — a clear demonstration of the impotence of Kadyrov and his understanding that essentially there is no answer”.

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Yashin sure you can protect other law enforcement agencies their point of view, however, hopes that those will not perform the role of “backup dancers Kadyrov”, and the statement Karimov will not be a reason to prevent the dissemination of the report and seizure of its circulation.

While Yashin believes that the statement is personally Karimov, Kadyrov. “Karimov is absolutely dependent on Kadyrov’s people, and it should not be viewed as an initiative of Kadyrov, because he doesn’t want to do it yourself and for this he asked, obviously his subordinate”.

All recent activity Kadyrov, — noted the politician, and the current treatment Karimov, is linked to its possible future re-appointment to the post of head of the region (recall that it may occur in early April). “He feels most insecure, and he will be confident in his positions, he would have behaved much calmer,” said Yashin.

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