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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Who prevents to build a bridge to Crimea”

In the Crimea began the celebrations devoted to the second anniversary of the reunification with Russia. Each day this week filled for residents of the 81st and 82nd regions with special meaning: March 14, 2014 ended the period of preparation for the referendum and campaigning, March 16 — the day of the vote, the 17th Russia recognized the results of the referendum, and on 18 March signed the Treaty of accession of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. The holiday gift was the beginning of construction of the main structure of the Kerch , which will turn Crimea from the island to the Peninsula, connected with Russia. About this and other gifts, about the cost of the celebration and that prevents the Crimea to become the richest region of Russia, “MK” was told by the Plenipotentiary representative of the Republic under the President Georgi MURADOV.

So it will look like a bridge to the Crimea at the end of 2018. 

— Educational activities and quizzes related to the history of the “Crimean spring” and the history of the Crimea, are for many weeks. And these days will be more children’s activities, cultural and sport actions. Already the marathon, dedicated to “the Crimean spring”. But the main events will be a solemn rallies, fireworks and festivities on 18 March and concert by the Crimean artists and artists from other regions of Russia.

And during the holidays will happen very important event: it will be created by the Crimean Association for international cooperation. It will include leading international public organization and should be the primary unit of public diplomacy, a real platform for negotiations in a situation where the Crimea is not yet universally recognized as part of Russia.

Photo: rk.gov.ru

— Crimea today is experiencing economic hardship does it make sense to spend money for the holidays?

— And all these activities require costs. Children write compositions, and participate in quizzes not for a fee, people go to the rallies from the heart, athletes run a marathon voluntarily, and even none of the actors, as far as I know, he did not ask for remuneration for their performances.

International artists will come or they are afraid to go?

— They are not afraid, and come to the Crimea. But on this particular day we didn’t invite them. “Crimean spring” is the event of our, Russian, sacred. Thanks to him, we, Russians, have found their fundamental values: identity, passion, social cohesion and national pride.

— In your opinion: who these days are more valuable celebration, greater joy: for the Crimeans who returned to Russia, or for Russia returned the Crimea?

For the Crimeans is the event that saved them from a real war, real genocide. And for Russia as a whole it has a special, sacred meaning. After all, the Crimea became the place where we had begun our great Russian civilization. Here was the baptism of Saint Prince , and before Andrew it is with the Crimean land began his campaign in the land that became the beginning of Russia. The Crimea — the spiritual beginning of Russia and its reunification with Russia has a higher meaning.

Photo: most.life

— Crimea, unfortunately, is among the poorest regions of Russia. Will its residents holiday orders?

— Veterans will receive gifts. Even those Crimeans, who live in . The Crimea really is still among the leaders in terms of life, but the situation is already changing, and will change even faster. The construction of a bridge soon (no later than may) will end with the laying of two more branches of the energy bridge, and the needs of the Crimea’s electricity will be completely satisfied. Implemented the Federal target program of development of Crimea, build roads, modernize schools, hospitals and housing. Believe me, life is improving every day. Maybe I wish it all happened quickly, but Russia has put itself in a procedural framework, which slow down the development process. Require different kind of competitions, tenders, licenses, sometimes — goofy. But we have to follow these formal procedures as are prescribed by law.

Temporary structures are ready. It’s time to drive piles of the main bridge. Photo: most.life

— Tell, please, what’s going on with the construction of the Kerch bridge and when he connects the Crimea with the continent?

— To be completed by the end of 2018, when will the 4 lanes of road traffic and two railway lines. Most importantly, to date, all preparatory work completed: designed and approved documentation, built the entrances to construction sites, developed primary structures, including the low bridge, which will be driving up materials and machinery for construction of the main bridge. It’s time to score the main piles and assemble large structures.

— How much will cost the construction of the bridge?

— Provided funding in the amount of 230 billion rubles, but, apparently, will be able to save 10-15 billion.

Photo: most.life

— The legislative and the Executive branch can help the Crimea to speed up its integration with Russia?

Main care is not to interfere. For example, we held talks with Abkhazia on the supply of materials needed for bridge construction and roads. There, they are the cheapest of particularly high quality. Meanwhile out administrative documents of the government, which requires them to issue numerous licenses for the construction of the member countries of the Eurasian economic Union. With Abkhazia we have a free economic space, but this procedure does not apply. We have to import building materials to spend not only time, but also to begin to shift money from one Federal pocket to another. Licensing will make the construction more expensive, and the money of the Federal target program we will pay to the government for licenses. It is absolutely pointless shifting of money allocated for the development of the Crimea, returning to the Federal budget. And such inconsistencies are very much in everyday life, their tens and hundreds. The government and the head of the Republic of Crimea appeal to the head of the government and Ministers to have these artificial barriers were removed. Then we faster and the bridge will build, and will make Crimea prosperous. Bureaucratic obstacles we have to face almost every day, but I hope that eventually we will overcome all these procedures.

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