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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Video coverage of the start of the historic mission to Mars in search of life”

Today on Monday 14th March in Baikonur at 12:31 rocket “proton-M” with the Russian-European spacecraft missionExoMars-2016”. For the first time in human history a spacecraft sent to the red planet with the task of finding extraterrestrial . LETS will conduct a broadcast of the launch.

photo: youtube.com

Booster “proton-M” and the upper stage “breeze-M” should display the trajectory leading to , today orbital device Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) and landing demonstration module Schiaparelli.

Flight to Mars will take 7 months. TGO will remain in orbit of Mars, Schiaparelli will start the descent to the planet. It is assumed that the process of inhibition in the Martian orbit will take a whole year. Getting started the devices on Mars is scheduled for mid-2017. However, the first data during the flight, the spacecraft will begin transmitting to Earth on the night of Tuesday.

ExoMars” is the first mission that purposefully started to search for traces of life on the red planet. The fact that earlier on Mars had detected methane. And as you know, overwhelming amount of methane in the Earth’s atmosphere is a consequence of the vital activity of living organisms. That is why the machines will look for the origin of methane on Mars. Perhaps we are talking about living organisms.

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