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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

“The tide of war in Syria have dramatically increased the threat of terrorist attacks around the world”

Syrian negotiating process goes on, the offensive of government troops. The first complicates the second – and will continue to complicate. But, even worse, cornered jihadists soon will inevitably move from the “classic” on the terrorist attacks, not only in but around the .

After the liberation of the city of Sheikh Miskin and rapid advance of government troops in the Latakia province, the most active battles were fought on those fronts, what was considered to be secondary. Among them were primarily enclaves surrounded the jihadists in the Eastern suburbs of Damascus and HOMS province.

“For demolition of fortified settlements government forces mined used tractors, combines and re-equipped crawler tractors”

These areas are already very long been controlled by various anti-government groups, the internal infrastructure of settlements have been destroyed, most of the population fled. Until the end of last year, government forces did not have the practical ability to squeeze out the militias, despite the difficulties that jihadists are experiencing with supply. The situation changed dramatically after the entry in war on the Russian VKS. In the suburbs of Damascus, primarily in Eastern ghouta, the base resistance of the jihadists had been destroyed, and some of the militias have agreed to “resettlement”. At the same time, dense development, relief and long-term fortifications militants continue to hamper the progress of the government army and the militia. The low rate of occurrence here is not so much determined by the inability and lack of modern technology, much of the reluctance to suffer unreasonably high losses in an environment where they can be easily avoided.

The Eastern suburbs of Damascus play a significant role in strategic planning because they are crossed by several important highways. But if you look at the strategy of fighting from the point of view of geography and the usual “linear” planning, which was taught in the old Soviet military institutions, in Syria, you can declare a strategic almost every town. Now from the infrastructure of Eastern Guta nothing left, and there is no need to force surrounded the destruction of militants there. In the end, they will be there.

The course of military operations in Syreeta same story with jihadist enclave in the province of HOMS. Three months ago he was a pretty formidable force, stretching the rectum from West to East across the entire province. At any time each of the nearly two dozen groups, obzhivshie there for four years, could go on the offensive, which would have to absorb, taking parts from other fronts. The enclave is constantly threatened to grow as to control its “borders” solid front, government forces simply did not have time.

Now a single of the enclave no longer exists, he is broken in half, he will face the destruction of approximately the same pattern and the same pace as the fighters near Damascus. Another thing is that in the province of HOMS, unlike East ghouta, there are no parts namely ISIL, and therefore there it is possible to agree if not for the surrender, all the same “relocation”. It was there that this experience has already been gained, in the end, the jihadists and the so-called moderates saw that the words of the representatives of the government can be trusted. In addition, the portion located there of the opposition – local, their motives more political than religious. And they tend lately to welcome the initiative of the civil authorities of Syria. Now the position of civil servants begins to prevail over the position of the military command, especially in the field of peaceful settlement.


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