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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“The Russian Navy is changing leadership”

In the defense Ministry confirmed the information that the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy Viktor Chirkov has submitted the official report about dismissal. We know the name of his likely successor is commander of the Northern fleet Vladimir Korolev. Versions about the reasons of personnel shifts vary, and the condition Chirkova not the only one.

For health reasons

Commander of the of Russia Admiral Victor Chirkov has submitted the official report about dismissal on a state of health. His place soon officially can take Admiral Vladimir Korolev, commander of the Northern fleet and the current acting commander-in-chief, told RIA “news” an informed source in the defense Ministry.

“Victor came at a time when the like and give money, but power is still not enough”

The source noted that the official report about dismissal teals filed back in February. The final decision regarding appointments the Queen has to happen until early April.

“Teal about two weeks ago I wrote the official report about resignation in connection with the condition, not allowing him to perform the duties of commander-in-chief,” confirmed the same information source TASS in the defense Ministry. In this case, all sources are calling the next commander Vladimir Korolev.

Later in the press service of the defense Ministry RIA “news” have confirmed that Teal has really decided to resign due to poor health, and the duties of the head of the Navy temporarily performs Queens.

Deputy commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov in January this year reported that Chirkov “had a minor procedure”. According to him, the order of the Minister of defence acting commander-in-chief of the Navy appointed Queens “as the most experienced and competent” Admiral in the Navy. The former chief of the naval General staff, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko noted that Queens may soon be promoted to the post of commander-in-chief without consoles “acting” or “interim”.

At the same time, according to the source RIA “Novosti”, the new commander of the Northern fleet will be a Vice-Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

Hard work

The former chief of head Department of navigation and Oceanography Ministry of defense of Russia, Admiral Anatoly Komaritsyn no doubt that if Viktor Chirkov will retire only for health reasons. “I know that he was sick, you know that he was in a rehabilitation center”, – said the interlocutor of the newspaper VIEW.

“When Chirkova, though he briefly led the fleet, has been done. First, a program was adopted for the construction of new ships. Victor came at a time when the like and give money, but power is still not enough. As you know, after the transfer of the naval General staff in St. Petersburg, he was constantly shuttled between the two capitals, but this is very complicated, including for health, in the physical sense,” he said.

Komaritsyn recalled that several years ago the Navy had lost some functions and, in General, has become less Autonomous structure within the Ministry of defense. “And features they cut, and the number of people in the unit had been reduced and working conditions, of course, also become less simple. Viktor Viktorovich was forced to go almost manual control. And I must say him big thanks for what he has to do”, – the expert believes.

Northern fleet commander Korolev, unlike Chirkova, Komaritsyn did not know personally, but believes that the issue also has a big professional. “Korolyov went through all the steps in the Navy. Originally a submariner. And this is a special profession, which discipline. Subsequently, he learned to work with other services,” he concluded.

According to first Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems, captain first rank of reserve Konstantin Sivkova, Chirkov not remember any big reforms. “The fleet when it was well funded, enriched with new ships regularly. That’s good. Plus the Admiral managed to organize the work of General staff in St. Petersburg”, – he has listed.
PAK FA trying to deny belonging to the fifth Pokoleniye, according to Sivkova, a condition unlikely to have been the reason for the departure. “Just to say does not take, do not know the details, but they say that Chirkov had some disagreements with management,” – said the expert.

According to retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin, Chirkov done much. When it was laid submarines of project 955 “Borey”, submarines of project 885 “Ash”, surface ships. Under the current commander-in-chief the black sea fleet was replenished with the lead escort ship (frigate) “Admiral Grigorovich”, etc. Under the current commander in chief is being actively built the military port of Novorossiysk. Black sea fleet has acquired new aircraft, systems, coast guard. “If not illness, Viktor Chirkov, I’m sure, and now would continue to lead the fleet,” – says Litovkin. The expert is unaware of any other reasons for his resignation.

Describing the identity of the potential changer Chirkova, Litovkin noted that Korolev led the most powerful fleet of Russia – North. When the Queen in the North began active work on the arrangement of the military in the Arctic area, the construction of airfields and port infrastructure.

“I note that in addition to managing the fleet Queens and also leads the overall strategic military direction “North”. I think he will continue the work Chirkova. In addition, Korolev is a member of the command of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu,” – he concluded.

Biographies of admirals

Viktor Viktorovich Chirkov was born on 8 September 1959 in Alma-ATA (Kazakhstan). He graduated from the Higher naval school in Vladivostok in 1982, the Supreme special officer classes of the Navy in 1987, the naval Academy named after N. G. Kuznetsova in 1997, Military Academy of the General staff in 2000.

Officer’s service began in Chirkov commander of mine-torpedo combat part of the patrol ships in the Pacific fleet, was captain of several warships, from 2005 to 2007 – the commander of the Seaside flotilla of diverse forces of Pacific fleet, 2009-2012 – commander of the Baltic fleet. At the head of the Navy stood since may 2012, succeeding Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

Future Admiral Vladimir Korolev was born on 1 February 1955. In 1977 he graduated from the Higher naval school named after M. V. Frunze and was sent to the Northern fleet. He served on nuclear submarines. In 1987 he graduated from the Higher special officer classes of the Navy, in 1995 the naval Academy named after Admiral of Soviet Union N. G. Kuznetsova.

Since 2002 – the first commander Hajievski naval base, then he held the positions of chief of staff and commander of a squadron of nuclear submarines of the Northern fleet. Since November 2007 – the Deputy commander of the Northern fleet. In the fall of 2008 led the campaign of the detachment of combat ships of the Northern fleet performed the tasks in the Mediterranean region.

Since July 2010, Queens was the commander of the black sea fleet, from June 2011 – commander of the Northern fleet.

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