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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

“The Minister of defence of Poland proved his insanity”

The words of the head of the defense Ministry of Anthony of Mazarevica that the death of the presidential plane near Smolensk was a terrorist attack, should not surprise anyone. This same politician believes that “the Protocols of the elders of Zion” is not fake, but a fact. Officials of the Russian Federation has already voiced its rejection of the , but to deal with the of Mazarevica should not they but the poles themselves.

The Polish Minister Anthony Macierewicz decided to give a fresh impetus to the discussion of the crash of Tu-154 and the death of President Kaczynski. According to Mazarevica, “we must remember that we (poles) were the first victim of terrorism in the thirties, and after Smolensk, we can say that they have become first big victim of terrorism in modern conflict that is unfolding before our eyes”.

“The interstate aviation Committee has put in the investigation point by publishing the results”

We will remind, following the results of investigation of the Russian Investigative Committee has named responsible for the disaster the pilots of the presidential plane, which, ignoring the recommendation to fly to a reserve airfield, tried to land the Board in the conditions of insufficient visibility. Polish investigators also noted the guilt of the pilots, in addition, they believe that the crash is the fault of managers who are not banned for pilots to sit down and not sent them in time for the second round, when the plane dropped to a critical height. Finally, the interstate aviation Committee has put in investigating the point, and published his results. On Monday, MACK confirmed that an investigation into the crash of Tu-154 was conducted in accordance with all procedures.

But for Mazarevica and Russian investigators and a review of their Polish colleagues, and the verdict of the POPPY – an empty phrase. The thing is that it almost from the first days is a supporter of conspiracy theories, according to which the plane crash with the Polish political and military elite on Board were deliberately organized by Russia. And no proof will not help. The same Macarevich, for example, are considered genuine “Protocols of the elders of Zion”, falsificationist which was by different researchers.

A sharp official reaction of the Russian authorities to the statement of Mazarevica is understandable. Still, he is not a private person, like most proponents of theories like “the Americans did not fly to the moon,” “Kennedy was killed on the orders of the Kremlin,” “the twin towers in new York blew up the FBI, and the house in Moscow – FSB” and so on. This is the statement of the defence Minister, the man who leads the army of Poland.


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