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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

“Scientists have created a vaccine against Smoking”

A panel of experts representing the Research Institute the SCRIPPS in California and the National institutes of health, presented their project, which aims to help people fight nicotine addiction. Vaccine against Smoking, developed by scientists, promises to be safer and more efficient than those used today means.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to scientists, in the recent past has already conducted clinical trials of two potential vaccines against Smoking, but in both cases they ended unsuccessfully in General. However, the researchers were able to use the results of previous tests in order to make the new tool more effective, reports EurekAlert.

In previous research scientists found out that quit Smoking help the person specific antibodies that neutralize nicotine in the body. The new vaccine stimulates the increase in the number of these antibodies.

Researchers tested the vaccine on laboratory mice. As it turned out, a new medium prevented the effects of nicotine on the organism of rodents within ten minutes after the injection. Even more significant result was that in mice injected with the vaccine, it was found less nicotine in the brain, namely its contents is primarily due to the formation of strong dependence.

As explained by experts, today the people trying to get rid of nicotine addiction with special gum or patches, do not always achieve the desired effect. Drugs acting on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, may be more effective, but their use is fraught with unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects. Among these side effects can be, including depression, mood swings and even hallucinations. Scientists expect that they have created a vaccine will be effective and safe simultaneously.

Their results the researchers presented in the journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

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