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Monday, January 22, 2018

“Mikhail Nenashev: we Have a mission. This mission – influential worldwide”

“Russia has a Navy that is able to solve tactical and strategic tasks. But if we talk about the geopolitical influence that Russia should have, we need two aircraft carrier in the Northern and Pacific fleet,” – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the Movement of support fleet captain first rank Nenashev.

OPINION: Mikhail Petrovich in the last decade after a long hiatus in Russia to build many ships of different classes. If the gap is reduced the Russian fleet from the US Navy’s combat potential?

“All the construction programme of the fleet were failed. In Stalin’s times, three programs were written and all three were not done”

Mikhail Nenashev: we need in the main in the possibility of missile attacks: the number of missiles the Americans have and we have. Secondly, it is possible the rocket and aerospace defence – are we able to reflect. Americans have such opportunities that they can in different directions to make our country a swarm of Tomahawks. Our PRO is able to stop that swarm. This is the main. And the competition on the tonnage of pointless. We have one aircraft carrier – they have ten. All our vehicles and boats are not comparable with this. And by these parameters we with them never competed. Equal opportunity of the missile strike and protection from missile attack.

OPINION: as the commissioning of ships of the project 955 “Borey” opportunities in this regard are more comparable?

M. N.: This topic, unfortunately, is in the category of retarded. The testing, debugging, because there’s a lot of issues with that boat project “Borey” have been integrated into the overall defensive system of the country. The issue of integrating different missile, sonar systems, their correlation with global position system is still relevant. Because the launch of ballistic missiles or medium-range missiles from the submarine to a large extent depends on infrastructure that is outside of the fleet of satellites, etc.

OPINION: What can we say about the noisiness of the Russian submarines compared with the us?

According to Mikhail Nenashev, President of the ocean fleet to protect its interests around the world (photo: rosflot.ru)

M. N.: This question is still relevant. Unfortunately, there were problems with the presence of background noise with our submarines at different times, and 30 years ago, 40 years ago. Our divers are heroes, and they are in those conditions was doing his military job. But the question of the technical capabilities of our industry has always been on the verge. Now the theme of the stealth of our submarines is still relevant, in this direction a lot more work. To say who is ahead, who falls behind, is a question of five to seven years. From a technological point of view there are a lot of problems and issues.

OPINION: What is the configuration of the fleet, in your opinion, does Russia need today?

M. N.: Russia is located on the shores of three oceans. Deliveries, energy is only possible via the sea lanes. To those supplies, we need communication to defend. What we will protect? Statements From The Foreign Ministry? Or ships that are ready to provide protection from pirates and other fleets? Therefore, the question of the fleet is a matter of great economy, not only geopolitics.

Experts are inclined to believe that we in the Pacific fleet, two aircraft carrier and in the Northern fleet two aircraft carriers. I agree with that.

On this topic


Considering how processes develop in a world where Islamic fundamentalism, those or other processes in large countries, the protection of Maritime navigation will be a strategic.

Communications have to protect the aircraft carriers and the ships of the mine-sweeping group.

A balanced fleet is not only a Navy to protect our country, but also the fleet to ensure security in the world.

Because the Russians – the people of global significance, we must help the peoples of other countries. This is, I would say, the UN role our fleet. We do not Romania, Bulgaria we don’t, we can’t close on a small geographical and historical period. We have a . This – impact worldwide.

OPINION: as far As ships under construction correspond to those tasks that you mentioned?

M. N.: At the moment the ships are built as short-range sea and ocean areas. What you plan today, we can say that Russia has a Navy that is able to solve tactical and strategic tasks. But if we talk about the geopolitical influence that Russia should have, as I have said, we need two aircraft carrier in the Northern and Pacific fleet. We need to have amphibious forces that at any moment we were able to protect their own interests and their allies in different regions of the world.

Now in the design office, in various institutions that deal with forecasting and planning of the fleet, develops various options: conventional ships and ships with nuclear filling that is natural to our fleet. All the predictions, all the tasks of the fleet, tied with the fact that in the twenty-first century will be considered relevant. Thank God, smart begins a conversation, a deep discussion on the topic that is necessary for the fleet.

OPINION: FROM this point of view do we need amphibious assault ships?

M. N.: The experience of the last hundred years shows that we do not need to have amphibious ships that are ready, as an island, having on Board the helicopters and other tools that are able to deliver troopers in certain directions. Russia has no plans for something to grab, something to defend from the point of view of attribution. Russia has only one goal – the defense of their territory, the protection of their economic and political interests and the maintenance of international security. We don’t need to have a universal landing ships of type “Mistral”, because they are practical, the naval is not necessary.

In locations of the Northern, Pacific, Baltic, black sea fleets and the Caspian flotilla were celebrating the Russian Navy. President Vladimir Putin this day visited Baltiysk, where the first raised St. Andrew’s flag on the ship communication “Yuri Ivanov”VIEW: AND if you need to evacuate citizens from the region, to be in which it became dangerous?

M. N.: From any point we are able to evacuate those forces and means which we have, both surface and aviation: large landing ships, planes, even if our missile cruiser “Moscow” will you come aboard under a thousand people will take it. But we have no such places where so many people who need evacuation.

Airborne means that we are able to perform the task of evacuation of our compatriots.

OPINION: What power should, in your opinion, to have on the Baltic and black sea fleets? The experience of the world wars showed that in these areas the connections are very limited in their actions…

M. N.: The Baltic and Black sea are of immediate and strategic importance. There can unfold the events – and world war II is revealed – which can lead to change in the course of political and military events that are planned by various strategies. And Baltic, and Black sea unite the nerve of European civilization, and the impact on this nerve was given to hurt in any country.

The presence of the fleet in the Black sea and the Baltic sea is a prerequisite for the preservation of the geopolitical influence of Russia in the world. The presence there of ships, their ability to solve problems, including those associated with evacuation, support antifundamentalist forces in Syria is a matter of strategy. Navy is always a great strategy.

OPINION: IN what state now there is a program for the construction of lighting systems surface and underwater environment?

M. N.: The program was created to have hydroacoustic complexes, which could listen to the underwater environment, so we have an idea who is on the borders of our territorial waters. The fleet could not exist, if he does not know what is happening within the boundaries of the territorial waters.
This program is now being implemented. To some extent it has been implemented to some extent ongoing. Thats what I said correctly, not to say that this program is eternal. Because without lighting, surface and underwater environment ships and aircraft not carrying out its mission. Before they leave, they should know what is next.

OPINION: does Russia Have a programme of ship building for decades to come?

M. N. Programs that were written a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, they all were failed. In the Russian Empire, in Soviet times. In Stalin’s times, three programs were written, and all three were not implemented. The same can be said about the shipbuilding programme of other countries. Therefore, one who writes for the next hundred years, science fiction, far from reality. It can be discussed from the point of view of forecasts, but not from the point of view of a real shipbuilding policy

We can speak of five to ten years. 15, 20, 30, 50 years – this is a look that should be present in the marine community, the plans of the strategic command. But from the point of view of construction plans is just a hoax, dreaming and making up. In Russia should not be. The last hundred years has shown us all sideways these fantasies cost. We spend a lot of money, time, effort, and the result is the disruption of programs or the fleet, which we very often are not satisfied.

OPINION: Thank you, Mikhail Petrovich, happy Navy!

M. N.: Those who served in the Navy, those who support the fleet, I would like first to wish you a positive attitude for the coming decades and, despite political and media storm, move cruising rate of success. The Navy is always big questions, big philosophy. I wish everyone who has to do with the Navy, to creativity, healthy ambitious attitude have been implemented in specific achievements.

Happy Navy sailors and members of their families, those who support our Navy of great Russia. Have a great country must have a great fleet!

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