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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“Merkel’s party lost to the opponents of the workers”

A notable success in the land elections in Germany, the eurosceptics and opponents of the admission of refugees “Alternative for Germany” has become a litmus test showing the attitude of the Germans to the policy of Angela Merkel. Disappointing results showed the ruling CDU and its traditional opponents, the social Democrats. In Germany strengthened the extreme right and left and “sags” in the center.

In Germany in the elections to the länder parliaments (land parliaments) of three Federal States right-wing party of eurosceptics “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) that acts against migrants, passed in the parliaments of all the three regions. In Saxony-Anhalt in the East of ADH scored 24.2 per cent in West German States is lower, but also significantly: in Baden-württemberg was 15.1% and the Rhineland-Palatinate is 12.6%. Also, in summer, when Europe was not threatened with the migration crisis, the rating of the party did not rise above 3-4 per cent, said DW.

“This rise from zero to one party in German history wasn’t”

While the Christian democratic Union (CDU) party, Angela Merkel, had to share a large number of votes, and in the end, she won only in Saxony-Anhalt. Green won a majority in Baden-württemberg, and the party considered to be the leading opposition force, the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) in Rhineland-Palatinate. Thus in none of the three lands the current coalition has not received the required majority, therefore, existing government land will no longer be able to continue their work in the same composition.

Election day called “supervoksen” by analogy with the American political “super Tuesday”. It was the first real measure of the mood in the country since the beginning of the migration crisis, because last year only land elections in Hamburg and Bremen and to the influx of refugees. Voting in the three lands had a total of 12.7 million citizens – almost one-fifth of the voters.

The balance of power in the diet affects the composition of the Bundesrat, the chamber of representatives Federal States of Germany. This upper house could block certain initiatives of the government.

A week ago elections were held in one of the Federal land Hesse, where ADH got 11.9 percent of the vote, and the party at the local level has become the third largest party after the CDU and the social Democrats of the SPD, ahead of such well-known parties like the Free democratic, green and Left parties.

Like many refugees moved to Europe In the end, the party of eurosceptics ADH will be presented in eight of the 16 Federal States of Germany and significantly complicate the formation of local governments. The results of the elections in the three lands open numerous prospects for coalition-building. Pro-European parties have previously stated that they would not join in a coalition with the AFD.

But note that the performance of the “Alternative for Germany” improve, despite fierce criticism from opponents who called ADH pravopopulistskie party, while left-wing activists accuse “Alternative” in a racist and almost neo-Nazi allegiances. If desired, this polarization on the right and the left flank can be compared with the situation in the Weimar Republic of the late 1920-ies, although, of course, and political situation in modern Germany, and its economic situation and external challenges is qualitatively different.

Protest the choice

The result of the election has become an indicator of policy approval by Chancellor Angela Merkel in relation to migrants, experts stress.

“Pravopopulistskie ADH collects a lot of the protest vote… people who vote out of protest against the current policy, as a rule, active and come to the polls. According to the latest polls in Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-württemberg, the party of ADH may ultimately equal or even overtake the social Democrats,” said DW.


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