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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Astronomers have looked into the future: the Sun will engulf the Earth, becoming a red giant”

In the future the will destroy the planet around itself just as now the environment destroys the white dwarf WD 1145+017. For an astronomical object, nicknamed “death star”, a group of scientists from the UK were followed for seven months.

photo: morguefile.com

Not so long ago, astronomers “found” WD 1145+017 for the destruction of one of the nearby space objects. Further observation showed that the star continues to destroy its planetary system. This is evidenced by the fact that the light from white dwarf covers more and more objects which, apparently, represent the debris of destroyed planets, reports Space.com

Star WD 1145+017 is located in the constellation of Virgo at a distance of about 570 light-years from the Solar system. At this time, found at least six space objects, apparently debris of planets orbiting at a distance of about 840 thousand miles away from her. However, scientists are convinced that such objects orbiting stars should be more — at least 10-15. Their size is 2-4 times larger than the stars around which they rotate, and scientists suggest that they are not “big rocks”, but rather clouds of dust and gas around “small stones” which continues to be destroyed. By calculations of experts, completely destroyed the planetary system around the star WD 1145+017 will be within the next million years.

White dwarfs — very dense celestial body about the size of the Earth, who become stars of other types after wasting your fuel and lose their outer shell. Eventually become white dwarfs destined to most stars. Therefore, scientists suggest that once the events with the star WD 1145+017, expected and our luminary. In a few billion years the Sun will turn into a giant, engulfing several planets, among which, most likely, will Land. Then the red giant will become a white dwarf and begins to destroy other space objects around him.

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