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Thursday, June 22, 2017

NASA: last February was the most anomalously warm for the whole story

Last February was the warmest month on Earth in the entire history of observations, according to NASA experts on the basis of data received from space satellites.

The reason scientists call this combination a powerful record of the existence of the so-called “El niño phenomenon” with the processes of anthropogenic global warming.

From measurements of NASA, the global average temperature at the Earth’s surface was in February of 1.35 degrees Celsius higher than average for this month for the control period from 1951 to 1980.

This means that the temperature deviation from the norm February 2016 became the most considerable for all time of meteorological observations scientific, that is, since 1880. Thus, the current November broke the record “anomaly”, established a month ago by January 2016.

NASA draw attention to the fact that the previous abnormally warm November was in 1998 — a year of extremely intense El niño. However, the increase of the average temperature above the norm was only 0,846 degrees Celsius.

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