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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“”The Ukrainian Navy is a pitiful sight””

With the defection of the Ukrainian Navy is genuinely alarming, given the already depleted after the Crimean events the personnel of the Navy of the country. However, it is not only the current benefits of “occupied” . The degradation of one of the fleets – the heirs of the red banner black sea fleet began long before “sailed” Sevastopol. I’ve lost the during the years of its independence?

As it became known on Friday, created on behalf of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the defense Ministry of Ukraine, the working group identified multiple defections of the personnel of the Ukrainian Navy and visiting naval officers “occupied” Crimea.

“If other branches of the armed forces of Ukraine at least formally are large enough, their fleet, both formally and practically – zero value”

Judging by the data, which leads to Odessa edition “Думская.net” in 2015 military units of the Ukrainian Navy voluntarily left 559 servicemen, of which found only 122. Since the beginning of this year deserted 87 sailors returned only 13. The Ukrainian military is not only not looking for deserters, but also hide the fact shoots. On 286 soldiers who left parts, there is no information in the fleet documents.

In addition, last year, despite the warning by the security Service of Ukraine, under the pretext of family circumstances visited the Crimea Ukrainian officers 155.

Also, after the inspection found that the commander of the naval forces, rear Admiral Sergei Haiduk after detention in March 2014, the FSB of Russia in the building of the headquarters of the naval forces of Ukraine in Crimea passed to the Russian secret service the cases of all the officers of the fleet.

Among other violations found waste of 1.5 million hryvnia ($58 thousand) allocated for the renovation of the galley of the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”. Purchased technology and refrigeration equipment are unable to install due to unsuitability for use on warships.

In addition, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Sergiy Gayduk was suspected of nepotism. According to Ukrainian media, the son of the fleet commander, senior Lieutenant Evgeniy Hayduk was sent to Canada for language courses, and at the headquarters of the fleet is the stepdaughter of acting rear Admiral Dmitry Taran. These facts are contrary to the law of Ukraine “On combating corruption”.

In publicised the document also notes that “the situation of the naval forces of Ukraine is becoming increasingly tense, and this time an aggressive neighboring Empire of nothing”, reports TASS.

It may not only in the mythical “aggression”. According to Deputy defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova, the average level of salaries of Russian servicemen in 2015 amounted to 62,2 thousand. In this case, judging by the statement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the shooter-a soldier fighting in the so-called “ATO zone”, that is a priori one of the most highly paid fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces, has received increased pay 7 thousand hryvnia (about 21 thousand).

Fewer sailors, admirals more

The conduct of military personnel of the Navy it is not surprising, says rear Admiral of the retired Constantine in a Whisper. “There is a concept: one life – one oath. And when people re someone swears, I think that after this he will feel not at ease,” said a Whisper in comments the newspaper VIEW, speaking about the officers of the Ukrainian Navy, which at the time when the division of the black sea fleet passed to the Ukrainian side.

Note that the scale of the defections from the Ukrainian Navy really should be recognized as impressive, given the total number of personnel.

You can refer to the data in September 2015, led by a man, obviously sympathizing to the authorities in Kiev – the commander of the 6th U.S. fleet, Vice Admiral James Foggo. According to him, after the so-called “annexation” of the Crimea the Ukrainian Navy has lost two thirds of staff (the fleet size has decreased from 17 thousand to 5 thousand people) and lost two-thirds of the ships. Note that in 2006 the personnel of the Ukrainian Navy – 22 thousand people.

In July 2015 the Deputy chief of staff of the Navy command Dmitry Taran told that because of “Russian aggression” Ukraine lost 75% of the personnel of the fleet in Crimea.

“If other branches of the armed forces of Ukraine at least formally are large enough, their fleet, both formally and practically – zero value. But after the events of March 2014, this value, say, zero,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW head of analytical Department of Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin.

Recall that during the Crimean events in March 2014 St. Andrew’s flag of the Russian Navy was raised to 54 out of 67 ships of the Ukrainian Navy (including 8 battle ships and the only submarine of the Ukrainian Navy diesel-electric SUBMARINE “Zaporozhye”). By the way, in the Main staff of the Russian Navy reported that “Kiev” is defective and will not be used.

For obvious reasons, naval forces have lost the only naval educational establishments of Sevastopol naval Academy named after P. S. Nakhimov.

According to Taran, as of July 2015, the Ukrainian Navy had only about 40 ships, which are obsolete and half of them are in need of repair.

In addition, on March 2 the commander of the 10th brigade of the naval aviation of Ukraine (which was based in Crimea and, in fact, accounted for all aircraft of the Navy of the country) Igor Bedzai reported “Radio Liberty”: in total about 70% of the personnel of the units have moved to serve in Russia. “We had 900 people in the team. More than 300 came out, but still 50 of them in Ukraine then was discharged and returned to Crimea to live,” said Bezy. Among them, according to him, there were three commanders of the crews of helicopters, which during the Crimean events in difficult conditions managed to divert subordinate machine from the Peninsula.

In January last year, it was announced that the authorized strength of the naval staff of naval forces of Ukraine, which consists of over 500 military personnel will be reduced to 190 soldiers. While at the same time, according to the decree of Peter Poroshenko, the total number of admirals and generals in the Navy had increased to 13 people.

Inflatable gift to Americans

As part of the Ukrainian naval forces replenishment – two armored artillery boats. They are intended for service mainly on rivers and estuaries, but can also be used as a coastal marine cataromance of the Ukrainian Navy “impressive”. In January last year under the program of logistical support of the Navy of Ukraine, the U.S. handed over five high-speed inflatable Motorboats of Willard Sea Force 730 and Sea Force 11M.

Another completion – November 11, 2015 the Ukrainian Navy was launched first (of two planned) small armored artillery boat “Gyurza-M”.

As explained by the newspaper LOOK military expert, captain 1st rank Konstantin Sivkov, the reservation of such boats may not exceed 25 mm. “Really there 15-16 millimeters based passes armor belt, armored wheelhouse. In the best case, this armor will protect him from the bullets of heavy machine guns. And that is not all. So all this game – said Sivkov. – 51 tonnes – this is ridiculous, this is pathetic. A conventional tank will break the boat through. This cutter is able to make a short foray in the coastal areas, to plant subversive group, to fire at goal on the coast and then to have time to escape before coasting”. “Gyurza-M” – the first since Soviet times Ukrainian military ship of their own, modern buildings.

According to Aleksandr kramchikin, know the number of Ukrainian military vehicles – there are only seven pieces. The others are small boats and supply vessels, warships not to call. “Build boats, ships more – in Nikolaev. But in Nikolaev build for a long time, since 2012. And while a single instance even launched. Although it is very small and the ships are supposed to be issued on neskolku pieces in a year. The rest is nothing more than boats for the border guard”, – said the expert.

“Odessa is not a military port”

“The main forces of Ukraine based in Sevastopol, not in Odessa, where still not primarily a military port – said in comments the newspaper VIEW chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov. – In the Crimea, Ukraine has lost not only ships, but also storage, repair facilities. To create from scratch in Odessa, need a lot of money. We know that the construction of the port in Novorossiysk. It’s expensive and a very long time, Ukraine, of course, this can not do”, – he added.

Ukrainian military say about the attack mysterious bespilotnikom noted that last year the Ukrainian Navy began testing two of the armored boats, which can enter the fleet. The replenishment ends. “Where they can take the ships? Corvette, I think, never get finished. And I can ask someone to used ships. Maybe someone from NATO countries will share their junk for little money, maybe the Turks will have some help. But in any case it will be a motley group of ships, to speak about a full Navy fleet”, – he concluded.

Without the “Ukraine” and “Varyag”

Note that independent Ukraine has received an impressive Soviet legacy. To begin with, what with the collapse of the Soviet Union Kiev claimed the entire black sea fleet of the Navy of the USSR – the first decree was issued by the Supreme Council, and then, in April 1992, the first President Leonid Kravchuk. However, aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” (built in 1988 at the black sea shipbuilding plant in Nikolaev) due to the uncertain status in December 1991 “gone” to the Northern fleet.

Then, in April 1992, Boris Yeltsin issued a decree perepodchinenie the black sea fleet of the Russian defense Ministry. “War of decrees” was resolved by the Dagomys agreements of 3 August 1992, after which began the long process of the division of the red banner black sea fleet.

Under the agreement of 1997 the naval forces of Ukraine were transferred to 43 combat ship, a vessel 132 and boats, 12 planes, 30 helicopters, 227 shore facilities, a significant amount of equipment, weapons, ammunition and other property.

Revealing the fate of the ships that would become the pride of the fleet of independent power.

In 1993, the Ukrainian Navy was transferred an unfinished missile cruiser “Admiral of fleet Lobov” (here renamed “Ukraine”). The cruiser, which was supposed to go with the slips of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant. 61 Communards, was not finished.

Viktor Yanukovych Kiev appealed for help to Moscow, in 2010, the command of our Navy talked about the possibility of buying “unfinished”, in 2011 then-Minister of defense Anatoly Serdyukov said that the missile cruiser “Ukraine” the Russian side will take only a gift. After the Maidan the new head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Nikolay Romanchuk declared that the unfinished cruiser “Ukraine” it is necessary to sell immediately, without asking permission y of Russia, as currently y the state has no money for the completion, and the content cost the Treasury at that time, 6 million hryvnia per month.
In 1998, Ukraine sold to China unfinished heavy aircraft carrying cruiser “Varyag”. Rebuilt and re-equipped ship (since 2012 – the aircraft carrier “Liaoning”) has been serving at the people’s liberation Navy of China. By the way, “Varyag” is assigned to the port of Dalian – former Russian Port Arthur.

A disappointing result

The evaluation of the first polemizing acting Minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Tenyukh, in the Navy as at 1 March 2014 “conditionally efficient only four ships: the frigate “Hetman Sagaidachny”, the Corvette “Ternopil”, ship control “Slavutich” and the big landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”, but “any action that could jeopardize (Russian) black sea fleet, these ships unable to conduct”.

Judging from the circumstances now revealed, the situation has not changed. And Ukraine’s intention to build the submarine fleet “by 2020, consisting of two–four submarines” raises reasonable doubts.

Chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrei Frolov noted that the Ukrainian fleet “almost nothing left”. “They got only one frigate, the former patrol ship “Hetman Sahaidachny”, several small landing craft, but very worn, and some auxiliary vessels. That’s all,” he listed the expert.

“Boats underwater. Surface ships? Build or don’t build, I don’t know. But especially nothing, – in turn says the rear Admiral in resignation Konstantin in a Whisper. – Those that we handed them at the time, the ships how many years now? That’s it, that’s a lot,” he says.

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