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Sunday, November 12, 2017

“The lawyer Savchenko began the prosecution of prankerami “Vova” and “Lexus””

Mark Feigin decided to start criminal persecution of prankerami, which gave him the Hope Savchenko the letter from the Petro Poroshenko. This drawing made a lot of noise. Many wondered how the lawyers are unable to understand that not dealing with the administration of the President of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the press accused the prankerami that they work for Russian security services.

Lawyer Mark Feigin. The video frame mctv.

Mark Feigin, the lawyer of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, said on his Twitter that it was launching criminal prosecution of prankerami “” and “existence”. “We’ll see who protects you,” – wrote Feigin.

I begin criminal prosecution of “Lexus” and “existence”. So let’s see who protects you.

Mark Feygin (@mark_feygin) 12 March 2016.

He added that he was going to prosecute the prankerami in different jurisdictions. “Who’s to say that the press does not know how to fight?”, – the lawyer added.

Recall that these prankerami were the authors of the draw, when he passed through the lawyer Savchenko’s letter, allegedly written by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. After that, Savchenko announced that went from a dry hunger strike.

One of the organizers of the provocation Vladimir Kuznetsov (pranker Vovan) told “MK” that hearing the news on Savchenko, just decided to help her to stop the hunger strike, so came up with this drawing.

While another prankster Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) told why virtually no pranksters calling Russian officials. He said that guided by the principles “do not harm her, does not harm his own country”.

Meanwhile, the press, on the TV channel “Rain” reported that the prankerami were able to deceive not only him, but the Consul General of Ukraine, who called Fagina and warned that he will contact the administration Poroshenko on the occasion of the letter Savchenko.

Feigin sure it was not just a prank. “This involved the operational support of the case Savchenko: this involved operational staff of the FSB on different levels”, – the lawyer reported.

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