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Sunday, April 15, 2018

“Savchenko is not included in the list for exchange, because it is more needed in prison”

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ask for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to contribute to the liberation of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko. “Sent the appropriate appeal to the special OSCE representative on gender issues Melanne Verveer, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Senator Hillary Clinton, the lady Michelle Obama, former U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright, the high representative Federico Mogerini,” — wrote in social networks MP from Block Petro Poroshenko Irina Gerashchenko. In my opinion, in that vast list of “helpers” is not enough one addressee — the Ministry of justice of Ukraine. As is known, the Independent justice Ministry sent Russia a list of Ukrainian citizens convicted in Russia, which Ukraine asks to return home. In the list of four names. Savchenko is not among them.

photo: youtube.com

Formally, the Ukrainian Ministry of justice keepeth the law: a country can request to transfer their citizens on the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons of 1983 just after their sentences had entered into legal force. Director Sentsov and “anti-fascist” Kolchenko, who appear in the list, were sentenced on charges of creating a terrorist group in the Crimea in August 2015. Another member of the “Crimean group” from the list of the Ministry of justice, Gennady Afanasyev was sentenced even earlier — in December 2014, as made a deal with the investigation. But what is interesting, during the process he refused Ukrainian citizenship and has asked the Russian, which like Crimea has every right to. How could he be in the list of the Ukrainian Ministry of justice? The fourth figurant of the list is former Director of the Ukrainian factory “Znamya”, a pensioner Yuri Soloshenko was convicted of espionage (tried in Russia illegally acquire secret components for antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300) in October last year. And here’s the question — why the Ministry of justice of Ukraine waited 5 months (from the date of issuance of the last sentence Soloshenko) before compiled and sent the list of Russia. But I couldn’t wait another two weeks before the sentencing of Nadezhda Savchenko, and add in the number of those who demand to return to Ukraine?

The Ministry of justice of Russia has already confirmed the receipt of a request from the Ukrainian colleagues and reported that on examination of the appeal will take 30 days. The Russian Ministry also said that now addresses the issue of retaliatory transfer 13 Russians, Ukrainian courts sentenced to imprisonment. List of our citizens languishing in Ukraine, has not yet been formally announced. But we know that for the most part, criminal cases against the Russians in a Square made by the lines of the SBU. For example, last year the Ukrainian security officers brought to trial seven Russians — two of them were convicted for the infringement of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, three of them on charges of participating in a terrorist organization, two people were accused of espionage. It is also known that on charges of participation in a terrorist organization convicted militiaman Nikolay Korchagin from the Ryazan region, who fought in the Donbass.

“MK” asked the experts to answer two questions:

1. Could it be not “equivalent exchange” 4 Ukrainian citizens on Russian 13?

2. Why the Ministry of justice of Ukraine did not wait for the sentencing and Hope Savchenko, and to include it in the list?

Denis DENISOV, Director of the Ukrainian branch of the CIS Institute:

1. I think that there are no fundamental problems exist here. Here political will is needed both with one and with the other hand. Experience exchanges between LPR, DPR and Ukraine, we can say that not always identical exchange occurs when one person changing one. Sometimes ten and five changed. And if we remember the rhetoric of the Ukrainian authorities, which says that they will make all conditions for exchange of their prisoners, as they call it, it is no problem to exchange four prisoners for thirteen Ukrainians Russians should not be.

2. It is obvious that the Ukrainian authorities are very handy to have Savchenko in prison of the Russian Federation. Thus, constantly in all international forums, they will tell the West that Russia illegally detained the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and PACE. This is one of levers of influence on Russia. Logically, if the task was in any way to allow exchange and return Savchenko, a completely different act and Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. If there was serious political will, a compromise would long ago have found.

Vladimir ROGOV, Chairman of the Committee government “Novorossiya”:

1. Because it is not on the transfer of prisoners of war, the exchange will take place in the framework of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons. And here the number may not be equal. By the way, still unclear about what 13 the Russians said in the statement Russian the Ministry of justice. One of the examples known to me, is an example of the native of Astrakhan, who came to Kharkiv for business. Due to the fact that this man 23 years ago, served in the Soviet army, he was arrested local SBU and accused of terrorism, extorting money at the same time. So in Ukraine often occur politically motivated “hostage-taking”. For example, when it comes to the case of Ukrainian citizen Sentsov in court appear and the video data and other evidence base. As for Russians convicted in Ukraine, we sometimes do not understand on what basis they received the term.

2. If we look at who requires transfer to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, you will see that there are serious accusations, but not associated with a fatal outcome. When it comes to Savchenko, here we have a stronger composition — adjustment of artillery fire, involvement in the murder of Russian citizens. Perhaps the Ministry of justice of Ukraine understands that such an exchange impossible. And secondly, Savchenko is needed as a terrible symbol of Russian oppression.

Watch the video on “the Recording showed how the prankerami have achieved the cessation of the hunger strike Savchenko”

Nadezhda Savchenko stopped dry hunger strike because of the letter to her on behalf of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which was a drawing of prankerami.

Pranker Vova (Vladimir Kuznetsov) has provided us with the audiotape of their negotiations on behalf of an employee of the administration Poroshenko with the lawyer Savchenko mark pagenum. Feigin promises after receiving letters “all done” to Savchenko, according to “the request of Poroshenko” has stopped the hunger strike. By the way, after the call Fegino with real refutations of the press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Svyatoslav Tsegolko lawyer mistook him for a prankster and complained to the Existence.

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