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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Former Pentagon chief acknowledged that the US deliberately ignored Russia’s position”

Confrontation with Russia in the U.S. explain Putin’s great power ambitions and aggressive policies of the Kremlin. But this ruling elite in the American point of view (aka propaganda) had not been uniform – there are realists. Who are ready to acknowledge at least the fact that America is their action itself pitted Russia against itself – as it did the other day former Secretary of defense William Perry.

The older American retirees, the more revealing they become.

“William Perry was the first of the former Ministers, who recognized the responsibility of Washington for the deterioration of relations with Russia”

Former President Carter, noting the 90th anniversary, mentioned that in USA there is no democracy, and the power usurped “big money”. Henry Kissinger, who is now in the 93rd year, becomes more and more realistic, speaking about the need for Washington to consider Russia as a key element in any global balance. And 88-year-old William Perry, former Deputy Secretary of defense under Carter, and the Minister of defense under Clinton, recently made it very clear that a large part of the blame for the current hostility between the two countries rests with the United States.

Perry can not be attributed neither to the “doves” nor to politicians sympathetic to Russia. However, he knows Russia better than many of their colleagues from the Pentagon – not least because that was the only Minister of defense, visiting our country every year of his tenure (and he was Minister from 1994 to 1997). Perry just says what he thinks and says what was witnessed. His memoir, “My journey on the brink of nuclear war” came at the end of last year, and recently he performed at the London live Live The Guardian where spoke about who is to blame for the deterioration of Russian-American relations:

“Over the past few years much of the blame can be placed on the actions taken by Putin. But I have to mention that at first much of the blame lay on the United States”

Ex-Minister identifies three main points in the actions of Washington. In the first place purely chronologically, he places what happened when he was defense Minister – however, he says contrary to his opinion:

“Our first action, which pushed us in the wrong direction, occurred when NATO began to expand, taking in its membership countries in Eastern Europe, some of which border Russia. At that time, we worked closely with Russia, and she was beginning to get used to the idea that the Alliance may not be so much the enemy but rather a friend, but she’s very worried that NATO was right at her borders, and the Russians urged us not to do it again”

In his memoirs, tells Perry that he advocated a slower pace of NATO enlargement, to not cause the exclusion of Russia, but won the point with Richard Holbrooke (American strategist, among other things, formed the Dayton agreement on Bosnia, 1994-1996 he was Deputy Secretary of state), who were supported by Vice President al Gore, who believed that will be able to settle with Russia all the problems – that is, to convince Yeltsin and Chernomyrdin to swallow NATO expansion. Perry, unlike Gore, was a frequent visitor in Russia – Americans watched the movement of nuclear weapons from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation and communicated regularly with the U.S. military, including the Ministers of defense Grachev and Rodionov. He at least knew what Russians think of NATO enlargement – but his view was not supported in Washington.

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