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Friday, February 16, 2018

“The Pentagon announced the elimination of the leader of ISIS Batirashvili”

The Pentagon announces elimination of one of the leaders of the banned in Russia , the terrorist group “Islamic state” Abu Umar al-Shishani (real name Tarkhan Batirashvili, nicknamed “the Red General”). Batirashvili – a native of the Pankisi gorge, a Georgian citizen, half Georgian. The father of the action, living in the Pankisi gorge, information about his death is not yet confirmed.

photo: AP

According to the American military, Batirashvili was killed by airstrike during the operation in the Syrian province of Hasakah on March 4. “Batirashvili is a Georgian national who has held many high military posts in IG, including the post of “Minister of war”. He was the senior commander of the Islamic state and a member of the Shura (Council) based in ar – Raqqah . At the moment of impact Batirashvili was sent to al-Haddad to strengthen the militants after a series of defeats inflicted on the us supported local forces. These operations prevented the possibility of the operations of the IG at the border of Syria and Iraq, ” said Pentagon spokesman Peter cook. In the air attack, which allegedly killed Batirashvili, was attended by drones and warplanes. The Syrian city of Esch-Shadadi, in which is located a large oil field, which was captured by is about three years ago, is used as a transit base of the militants.

In may of last year, the U.S. state Department announced a reward of $5 million for information about Batirashvili. If the action is really eliminated, it means major success in the war against ISIL. The problem is that while at home the “Red General” information about his death is not confirmed. In particular, doubts the information of his father, Temur Batirashvili. “I heard on TV that he got under bombardment of Americans. But this is several times reported and not proved. I don’t know anything. It will be another lie,” said Temur Batirashvili in an interview with TV channel “Rustavi-2”.

Indeed, the information on the elimination of Batirashvili received more than once. Last fall this was stated by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. “Shishani like Koschei the deathless. We were sure that she destroyed it. My men were standing over him when he seemingly was dead. They took the picture and sent. It turns out, survived. So it was destined… so I was hurt that he was allegedly detained. I want my people killed him,” said Kadyrov, when in December of last year, there have been reports that the ISIS leader captured by U.S. special forces in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk. This information could be confirmed.

The identity of the Tarkhan Batirashvili is shrouded in mystery. It is known that he was born in 1986 in Georgia, in the Pankisi gorge, populated by Chechen-Kists. His father is an ethnic Georgian and Orthodox Christian, lives in the village of Birkiani. Mother – steeled-Katinka, died a few years ago. A curious detail: a future leader of ISIS served in the Georgian army, 4 brigade, and had been trained by American instructors. He participated in the fighting during the war of August 2008. Then fell ill and was deemed unfit for military service. And then got in a Georgian jail for the illegal possession of weapons. Was released in 2012. In this regard, the question arises whether Batirashvili with special services – Georgian and American? In the field of view of the intelligence he could get, educated Americans, or later at a Georgian prison. According to some experts, the Wahhabi Jamaat in Pankisi is closely connected with the Georgian special services. There are even cases of “combining” Wahhabis posts of leader of the Jamaat and the employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia. So the process of recruitment of militants in the gorge is most likely with the knowledge and under the control of the Georgian special services. The question therefore arises: what is the true meaning of “mission” Tarkhan Batirashvili in ISIS, and whether reports of his death by trying to “out” fulfilled a role of the agent?

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