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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“The Ministry of agriculture tried to leave the Russians without milk”

Russia may return to the Olympics in the eighties, when to buy milk needed to take place early in the morning, otherwise will not get. A new wave of deficit on milk may start any day. But not due to the fact that cow won’t be milked, but because of bureaucratic confusion. In the Internet appeared the order of the Ministry of agriculture, according to which dairy farmers since March may start to penalize for the lack of mandatory certification for packaged milk. Actually, in accordance with order No. 648 “About approval of the list of controlled goods be accompanied by veterinary documents”, these requirements are introduced from 1 January 2018. However, market participants spotted a loophole for the Supervisory authorities, which allows them to demand all the documents right now. The execution of the order will inevitably lead to higher prices for milk. The omission of the milk producers, who weren’t given time to prepare for innovation, conversely, threatens to stop milk production and cessation of supplies to the trading network throughout the country.

photo: morguefile.com

The dairy farmers insist that some stores have already stopped taking their products without accompanying veterinary documents. The rest do so at your own risk in violation of an order of the Ministry of agriculture. That is, at any moment any party can fall under the penalties. The idea of milk producers in General have to stop shipping unless you understand the new rules. What that means for ordinary consumers, the “MK” explained the Chairman of the National Union of milk producers Andrey Danilenko:

– Why the requirement of the Ministry of agriculture so scared of milk producers? Business only in terms of performance or are there any other reasons?

I’m scared though, because such documents cannot be taken hastily and without the consent of the business. Nobody has calculated the costs of businesses, the loss of the plants. In order now to meet the requirements of the order, you need to find a specialist to hire it, get forms, to understand the system. This will require several months, and the network is already talking about what will not be drinking the milk without these documents.

– You said about costs, about which sums there is a speech?

Is and wage employees, and temporary cost – because milk is a perishable product. The change of the entire system. The fact is that to obtain a certificate the processors will need to provide a source of raw materials for each batch. Many processors collect raw milk from several producers. Often they have hundreds of suppliers, and if in the region there is a cooperative, it’s hundreds of small farmers. In addition, parties in factories a lot, and even with a small number of suppliers will have to collect a large amount of certificates for each batch. We estimated the costs of 10%, but there are also higher estimates.

– What additional paperwork? Perhaps the idea is to exclude the ingress of palm oil in milk?

– This order, in which all drinking milk in Russia in March must be accompanied by veterinary documentation. For the rest of dairy products, the order will begin only from 2018, there is a special star, which it clarifies. But the opposite codes drinking milk of the stars is not worth it. Therefore trading networks are already asking us these documents, as in the order of black and white that drinking milk is supposed to have them. Finished dairy products, as we have said before, safe in veterinary respect. Raw materials in the supply to the plant is accompanied by veterinary documents. The introduction of this system, and contrary to common sense and international practice. The more that drinking milk actually makes no economic sense to falsify.

– Still to issue veterinary accompanying documents for milk is not required at all or the controls are carried out in some other way?

– Today, the law stipulates that the Rosselkhoznadzor examines raw materials, and the CPS – finished products. We say that this is the right way to work. And it turns out that we double the number of documents and inspections, create additional barriers and increase costs. The CPS is constantly checking that all the parts of milk accompanied by the necessary documents. We believe that there is no need in such a difficult economic period even more burden on the business and thus increase the price of products.

– Milk producers insist that the order “found by chance” on the Internet… Isn’t that enough to consider it valid?

– We believe that the order issued in violation of the rules of preparation of normative legal acts. The text apparently developed without public discussion and adopted with obvious violations of the established procedure of regulatory impact assessment. We have not had previously the opportunity to Express their opinion and to provide the calculations justifying the increase in costs of the enterprises. So still there is a hope that will quickly change the order and then jams can be avoided.

Officials, however, the findings of the business was considered too hasty. Allegedly, they saw the order of the Ministry of agriculture, in which there is no trace. This document is Advisory in nature, and producers can follow it and not follow. In particular, the Deputy head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolay Vlasov has confirmed that in Russia obligatory certification of dairy products is not yet inserted, and accordingly, the accompanying documents for milk from producers nobody will require, by 2018 for sure. “The law clearly says: the products that are not subjected to certification at the time of entry into force of this act, subject to certification mandatory from 1 January 2018. That is, the packaged milk to certify now no one demands”, — said Vlasov.

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