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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Rostov-on-don came to the preparation of the 2018 world Cup complex”

Preparations for the FIFA world Cup 2018 in Rostov – on-don is at a record pace and in all directions: develop sports infrastructure, transport sector, hotel sector. One of the host cities of the FIFA world Cup will be the surprise guests from around the world. And large-scale innovations will ensure the development of the region for decades to come, said the Governor Vasily Golubev.

Barely beautifully and triumphantly ended the Sochi Olympics in full swing as preparations began for large-scale event – the FIFA world Cup 2018. Here the reins of the economy ready to take on the city observed previously world tournaments only, but has not lost the natural spirit of sportsmanship. It is Rostov-on-don, together with ten other Russian cities destined to become another hallmark of our country.

Aviation expands the geography

“The work that we will create here will serve people for decades to come”

Rostov-on-don is ready to surprise its residents and visitors not only sports facilities. Preparations for the international event covers many areas of life of citizens. On 29 February, the airline “Rusline” airlines in the airport of Rostov-on-don has launched four new flights: now the inhabitants of the don capital can fly to Sochi, Kazan, Samara and Ekaterinburg, and no longer have to visit Moscow and other airports.

We will remind, the Federal and regional governments actively help to expand the geography of flights. So, the airlines carrying passengers from Rostov-on-don to Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Sochi, according to the law “On regional budget for 2016”, additional funds in the amount of 73.5 million rubles from the regional budget. The same amount will be directed from the Federal budget.

To expand the geography of flights around the country – one of the main objectives of the government of the Rostov region. The Governor of the region Vasily Golubev said that the plans to open areas in Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Tyumen and Kaliningrad. Development of interregional air routes will increase ridership and contribute to the development of a new complex which is being built in the Rostov region.

Yet the airport carries the name “southern”, but perhaps very soon his name will change. The fact that the name of this new complex are chosen by the residents, the survey which began on the website of the government of the Rostov region on February 18. The Donetsk team had proposed three options: the already famous name “southern”, but also “Rostov” and “Platov” in honor of the famous Cossack ataman, hero of the Patriotic war of 1812. In addition, residents can offer their name. The voting will finish on March 18, and will summarize the results in April.

In any case, no matter how called the airport complex, he “will become a new growth point for the Rostov agglomeration,” said the Governor of the Rostov region. According to him, it is not only improving comfort for residents, but also “new jobs, new investment, new quality of services”, which means “powerful impulse for the next few decades”.

Now work is underway on the construction of the airfield. The project of the airport complex with each passing day more and more clearly acquires real features: already assembled 4996 piles from a total of 5,900 pieces, in particular for passenger terminal mounted 3070 3180 pieces from piles. In addition, elevated concrete frame building.

Rostov region is one of the few which pays close attention to the development of domestic airlines, said General Director of airline “ruslayn” Dmitry Eshtokin. All because for all three parties – the Executive, the airport and the airline, an important unity of purpose and ways to achieve, as well as close cooperation and understanding.

The completion and commissioning of the new aerocomplex is planned in 2017. Local residents and media are already calling the future of aerocomplex “bridge to heaven”. It will be the largest air Harbor in the South of Russia, where residents have easy access to other regions and countries. Moreover, “the new airport will serve not only the basic traffic flow of the Rostov region and southern Federal district”, said Governor Vasily Golubev. “We expect that in the future he will take care of the traffic of Moscow’s airports,” he added.

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The Governor explained that the geography of flights of the new airport complex will be considerably wider than the existing airport of Rostov-on-don. “Southerners, inhabitants of the neighboring Federal districts will be able to fly to many cities and countries, bypassing Moscow. So I can say that we are creating a brand new, modern hub airport of international level, providing connections between Asia and CIS countries with Europe”, – said Golubev.

The blood vessels of the economy

“Modern roads – the blood vessels of the economy, it is the shortest path to its development both in the city and in rural areas”, – said the Governor.

Full swing reconstruction of Voroshilovsky bridge. In fact, it is the construction of two brand new facilities. Traffic on the raised bog rebuilt the bridge in two lanes already open. In 2017, when will the reconstruction of lanes will be six. The construction of the downstream part of the Voroshilovsky bridge “at the current pace” with high probability will end ahead of schedule, said the Director of the contract organization of the Rostov territorial branch of OJSC “Mostotrest” – “Mostootryad-10” Alexander Goloshivets, which quoted the portal DonNews.

Reconstruction of the bridge is of strategic importance. “We will not be able to develop a new left Bank area in Rostov, if not we will build another bridge over the don, if in the near future find the right solutions to modernise the transport system”, – said Golubev in 2011. And now thanks to a rebuilt Voroshilovsky bridge will improve transport links between business, Central and other districts of Rostov-on-don and, of course, the left Bank.

However, the development of the transport system does not end there. From the southern entrance to the street of the left Bank, the construction of the main street, which can be used to get to the future of the stadium. This will help redistribute the traffic flows between the Central business area of the city, South porch and a sports and recreation area of the stadium, which means the transport system will become even more flexible and reliable. “Building roads efficiently, we significantly increase the geography of new construction,” admitted Golubev in interview to the newspaper “Our time”.

The reconstruction of the South entrance of the Federal road Agency plans to start in 2016 within the framework of the Federal targeted investment programme. The project will eliminate congestion at the southern entrance to the city. The Governor constantly reminds: “we Must continue the reconstruction and Federal highways. Right track immediately begins intensive development of roadside complex. The revival of business creates new jobs,” emphasizes Golubev.

Not less important part of the preparation for the world Cup – improvement of public transport. The fleet of trams in Rostov-on-don has not been updated for almost 10 years. The volume of tram transport in 90-e years has fallen several times. And here on February 27, domestic manufacturer has launched the first pilot model of a modern low-floor tram, equipped with air conditioning.

“Electric vehicle desperately needs replacing throughout the region – declared Vasily Golubev. – This year we plan to buy for Rostov 30 trams worth almost 1 billion rubles.” The new trams will be purchased at the expense of regional and Federal funds. The cost of one such tram is 35 million roubles that almost three times cheaper than foreign analogues.

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It is also planned to carry out capital repair of rail track in the Central streets and to separate them from the flow of cars, so the trams will be a speedy and convenient mode of transport. “The road is life, and each new area is a new development,” stressed the Governor.

The authorities do not forget and about development of water transport. To ensure safe shipping and maximum use of capacity of the fleet, the planned construction of the hydroelectric complex in Bagaevsky district of the village of Arpachin. Part of the project is the construction of a ship lock, fish facilities, dams, engineering structures from flooding and flooded areas. The object already entered in the “Strategy for development of inland water transport of Russia until 2030”. For its implementation will spend 22 billion rubles from the Federal budget. The bagaevskyi to build the facility, according to the Strategy, it is planned in 2020. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The world football championship – 2018 will be held on the fields by 11 Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and a symbol of the Olympic games 2014 – Sochi. Rostov-on-don in this regard, it is important not only to welcome guests but also to become a worthy venue for the world Cup, not allowing herself to overshadow the cities-companions with seasoned star fame. Through an integrated approach of the authorities towards the preparation of the city it is safe to say that with this he can handle.

Moreover, Rostov-on-don will open new horizons not only for tourists, but also residents of the city, which will long continue to entertain the fruits of innovation the world Cup. “Preparation for the championship is a unique opportunity to build new territories taking into account not only contemporary, but also future requirements. The reserve, which we will create here will serve people for decades to come”, – Vasily Golubev emphasized.

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