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Friday, February 23, 2018

“History tells Russia not to conclude alliances with Europe”

Sacred Union, created by Russia after the liberation of Europe from Napoleon, celebrates two hundred years. His goal was to prevent new wars and undermining the development of countries of the revolutions, in practice Petersburg faced with the betrayal of European allies and the stigma of “the chief gendarme of Europe”. Unfortunately, this lesson was learned us bad.

From the forerunner of the UN or even the League of Nations to be involved in religious mysticism of the reactionary Alliance of the monarchs who suppress any sense of liberty is so interpreted today the Holy Alliance, Alexander I created exactly two hundred years ago, on September 26, 1815. The Union of Prussia, Austria and the Russian Empire, which over the years virtually every Christian monarchy of the time. And they themselves with pleasure and in shortest historical terms dismembered, having been up in arms, as usual, on Russia.

“At the end of the twentieth century, we once again tried to fall into the arms of Europe, “back on the high road of civilization”. And he did it with such shocking enthusiasm, as if the lessons of history just forgot”

At the time of the Russian Empire failed to unify European peace on the principles of brotherhood, actual Erasure of borders and Christian virtues in relations between the powers. Although the conditions were favorable: Europe reeled in shock from just ended the Napoleonic wars and was determined to prevent their recurrence. In addition, an attempt undertaken by the Russian Emperor, was quite strong, and we custom.

The Treaty establishing the sacred Union provided for “In the name of the Holy and Undivided Trinity” of mutual relations between the powers “subordinate to the high truths, domestic laws of God the Savior,” and in world politics “be guided by the commandments of this Holy faith, the commandments of love, truth and peace.” As the Holy Scripture commands all people to be brothers, the signatory sovereigns “are United in the bonds of a valid and indissoluble brotherhood”, “reckoning ourselves as adenosarcoma”. They have “each other”, a helping hand, are “mutually kindness and love” honoring yourself “how do single heads of Christian people”.

This letter and the essence of the contract on the establishment of the Holy Alliance, and one can only wonder why today, for example, not trying to interpret as an attempt to create the Federation of the European Union in the beginning of XIX century.

In fact all analogy in history rather false, than can really bring to the understanding of the processes that took place hundreds of years ago. Of course, the Holy Alliance was not the counterpart of neither the EU nor the UN nor the League of Nations of his time. But he also was not a reactionary Union of monarchs to suppress the revolutionary sentiment in Europe, as clearly described his Soviet historiography. What he was actually, not fully understood even by the monarchs, which the Treaty text was proposed for signature. The Austrian Emperor at first puzzled said: “If it is a religious document, it is my Confessor, if political, then it’s a matter of Metternich” (Austrian foreign Minister). In turn, the king of Prussia obviously signed the document out of politeness, not wanting to upset the Savior’s Kingdom in the Napoleonic wars – his Royal brother Alexander I.

The agreement was a mere Declaration that does not contain specific commitments, but with an abundance of strange, heavily on religion phraseology, significantly different from the common diplomatic language. This is usually explained by the confluence of Alexander I in mysticism. But it would be better to talk about the confluence of the Russian Emperor in idealism unlike his colleagues, he really gave this foreign act of serious importance.

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