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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“The media EU: Europe was Erdogan on a leash”

Assessing long ago lobbied and finally signed agreement between Turkey and the EU on the refugee problem, the European media a rare unanimous: Erdogan pressed on the sore spot of Europe and has managed to achieve, however the problem is unlikely to help. Worse, the obstinacy of Merkel actually brought the EU to gross violations of international law.

Slovenia is almost completely blocked its border for illegal migrants. Now let in the country will be only those who is really in a desperate situation and with a plan to seek asylum directly from the Slovenian authorities. Thus, one of the main transit routes from the Middle East to the EU is closed. Immediately after this statement Serbia announced that it had closed its border with Macedonia and Bulgaria to anyone who does not have visas or other documents authorizing stay in the country.

“What do you think, did the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu with the tea and kittens, when he arrived in Brussels to haggle?”

The actions of Slovenia and Serbia actually became the answer on accepted in the night of 9 March, a preliminary agreement between the authorities of the European Union and Ankara. According to the add, it is envisaged the return of all new illegal migrants sailing from Turkey to the Greek Islands, the acceleration of the plan of visa liberalization between the EU and Turkey, accelerated the allocation of the Turks 3 billion euros and additional funding mechanism for assistance to refugees in Syria, preparations for the opening of new chapters in the negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU, the establishment in Syria of the areas that will be safer, and, finally, the resettlement of Syrian refugees on the basis of one for one. This principle means that in exchange for each returned illegal refugee Ankara will have the opportunity to send to Europe one legitimate.

Thus, no reason to keep refugees in Turkey no. Because the more illegals will reach Europe and will be brought back, to those from a larger number of migrants will be able to rid herself of Ankara.

The reaction of the European media on the arrangements surprisingly simultaneous and unanimous – the majority assesses their extremely skeptical, regardless of nationality and editorial policy.

Another clash between the police and the refugees took place on the border of Greece and Macedonia. Hundreds of migrants started breaking the fence, preventing their passage on Macedonian territory. The police had to use force to disperse the angry crowd. Refugees did not stop there: they blocked the railway track passing through the neutral zone, and began to throw in policemen stones”the Authoritarian President of Turkey has proven an unreliable partner and is problematic since, as the outbreak of the Syrian crisis. But the urgent need of Europe to aid him at the moment outweighs the bad premonitions”, – stated in the material The Guardian liberal.

The conservative Austrian newspaper Die Presse notes: “it Was a mistake Angela Merkel to bet exclusively on Turkey. President Erdogan formed the opinion that he is now (almost) everything is allowed. The Europeans were silent and afraid to utter a word”.

The Polish left-liberal Gazeta Wyborcza, in contrast, believes that Ankara’s role for Europe is significantly beyond the scope of the current immigration crisis, because Turkey could “to save the Schengen zone from collapse, to stop the populist, using the fears of immigrants for their own purposes, to restore faith in the EU”. But immediately asks: “if the price is too high? Does the agreement with Erdogan betrayal of ourselves?”

In turn, the Financial Times calls the five major challenges to the implementation of the agreements: the doubtful legal grounds for the return of refugees, the possibility of sharp opposition in some EU countries, the formula of exchange of refugees one-on-one, the complexity in the implementation of the plan, not too much optimism of some members of the EU about visa-free entry for 75 million Turks and complexity in implementation by Ankara of a number of theoretical requirements for receiving any future EU membership.

Liberal Czech newspaper Hospodarske noviny warns: “Even if the parties come to an agreement that Turkey will assume the obligation to care for the greatest possible number of refugees and to fight against illegal migration, still need to see what will not just stand there on paper, but are really implemented”. Czech journalists, apparently, mean that even in the fall Turkey promised the EU to take action against smugglers, illegal carrying of people to the Greek Islands, but the real action did not follow.

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