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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“Turkish blackmail of Europe can be effective for Ankara”

The EU and Turkey discussed in Brussels the refugee problem. EU leaders are trying to persuade Ahmet Davutoglu to receive thousands of migrants from Greece. But Turkish Prime Minister deliberately focuses on the issue of Turkey’s accession to the EU. The situation is similar to the usual blackmail: Ankara continues to twist the EU’s arm to get billions of euros of financial assistance.

On Monday in Brussels held a EU Summit in Turkey on the issues of illegal migration and possibilities of Turkey’s accession to the EU. Before the event Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held talks in narrow format with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark rutte and heads of the European Commission and the European Council Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk.

“Ankara wants payments from the European Union against refugees was more. This is their real aim”

Turkey strives for EU membership

After the conversation, Davutoglu said that Turkey “is ready to be not only together with the EU, but a member of the EU”. “We confirmed our readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder for the future of our continent. The only way the answer is solidarity,” he said.

As notes TASS, Davutoglu refused to answer questions about whether Turkey is ready to agree to EU’s demand to take back expelled from the community of economic migrants and to take a clear commitment for quantitative reduction of the flow of migrants to Europe.

In the draft outcome of the EU summit stated that the summit intends to simultaneously terminate the Balkan transit of migrants and to prevent their blocking in Greece. In practice, this means the adoption at European level of the decisions of the States of the Western Balkans and accession to the EU on the closure of migrant borders of the countries of the Balkans in the European part of the Turkish-Balkan route from Greece to Austria.

However, this also means that arriving in Greece from Turkey through the Aegean sea migrants in an amount of from two to three thousand a day will be blocked in the country.

It is known that Greece will not go on signing of such conditions, and the decision of the EU summit must be taken unanimously, so the final document contains the statement that “the EU will remain on the side of Greece during this difficult time and will do everything possible to assist in resolving this situation.”

In practice, the EU intends to help Greece to cope with its powerful inflow of migrants in three ways. First of all, the EU leaders will try to get from Ankara quantitative obligations on reduction of the number of migrants arriving approximately to the level of one thousand a day (versus the current two to three thousand).

Secondly, you need to obtain the consent of Ankara to take back expelled from the EU economic migrants, who illegally entered the community from Turkish territory and does not have grounds for asylum. According to European diplomats, in return, the EU is ready to intensify the allocation of aid Ankara in 3 billion euros for “humanitarian needs of migrants” and to ensure progress in the negotiations on visa-free regime with Turkey.

Even the EU intend to significantly intensify the process of resettlement from Greece to countries of the community of refugees who have been granted asylum.


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