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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The astronomers spotted a strange repeating signal from space

Rapid radio pulses, which are sometimes referred to as pulses Lorimer (named after Duncan Lorimer, the head of the research group that first recorded this phenomenon in 2007) is a single radio pulses with a duration of several milliseconds, the power of this flash is equivalent to the emission into space of the energy emitted by the Sun within a few decades. Only since 2007 has recorded 20 such radio pulses, and the reason for this phenomenon is still unknown.

And now one of these radio pulses started to happen again. Typically the surge happens only once, but according to an article published in the journal Nature last week, astronomers found a repetitive sequence of radio pulses 10.

“They not only repeated, but the brightness and spectrum are different from the rest of fast radio pulses,” says Laura Joiner, the lead author of the article.

There is an assumption that this series is not caused by explosion or some other disaster, and a rotating neutron star, but surely it is impossible to say.

“Once we can accurately determine the location of the source in the sky, we can compare observations with optical and x-ray telescope and see if there’s galaxy,” says Jason Hessels, the second author of the study. — “Finding it, we might be able to understand the characteristics of the signal.” Fortunately for the researchers, soon the operation will be launched three new, massive telescope.


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