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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Shame on us allies in Syria has exhaustive explanation”

The scandal around “the Thirtieth division”, trained by American instructors for war with Assad and instantly surrendered Islamist “Front an-Nusra” immediately after crossing the Turkish border, is booming now all over the world. Such scandals will be a lot. They are predefined by the methods of instructing American “allies” in Syria, and Georgia, and Ukraine.

We will remind that in the end, “Front EN-Nusra” (branch of “al-Qaeda”) has received weapons, equipment and several pick-UPS from the USA. The commander of the “Thirtieth division” assured the representatives of the “Front” that lied to the American military to get weapons. Problems that happened what happened, can be divided into three unequal categories.

Intelligence and psychological problems

“On the ground in Yavorov, the cases of refusal of the Ukrainian soldiers who completed the chopper in the new Russia, to submit to the instructors from the USA, which, from the point of view of these veterans, “the new guy full”

The image of the CIA determining who to choose as allies in the middle East, too exaggerated by Hollywood. In most cases, operational staff cling to those who at least formally shows signs of loyalty. But if someone is promising but required traits lacked, it is preferred to buy, although such “partners” were considered unreliable at all times. About on such principles and anticaduta cobbled together coalition.

However, the behavior of CIA officers is extremely zareglamentirovana. Almost every episode has a written manual, they need to know and not to memorize. Disagreement with the operational instructions shall entail sanctions. Agency operations is limited and sometimes they just have to “work out” instruction instead to act according to the situation. This affects many major intelligence community, but the American, among other things, built on ideological as well as – to a lesser extent, on ethnic stereotypes. Relatively speaking, any Basmach, is able to clearly pronounce the word “democracy” has a chance to get funding and weapons. Where he will go with this weapon, no one to control. This, incidentally, suffered and Soviet exploration of the Brezhnev era, clinging for any tribal leader who knew how to pronounce the words “Marx” and “Lenin”.

All this has a direct relation to the described case. “Thirtieth division” and personally Abd al-Tunisi demonstrated loyalty, gained the confidence of the Americans, received arms and disappeared with him. Stereotypical and schematic perception of the world is an amazing feature of the CIA. Of course, it is the result of “loss of main enemy,” the perception of oneself as a winner in the ideological, not in the physical sense of the word. Hammered with kicks and sends anticaduta the coalition has failed as a result of incorrect targeting and errors of the CIA. To properly handle information only in the presence of experts deprived of the ideological perception of the world, and with this in Langley deficiency. The established career system pushes on the side of people with non-standard form of thinking and mass appeal to work in the office of ex-Marines and even predetermined the failure of the analytical system intelligence.

The scandal around “the Thirtieth division” is not the only one, many more to come. Golden century analysts remained in the Hollywood hills.

Physical problems


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