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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“Corruption scandal in Brazil is directed against interests of Russia”

In one day in Brazil arrested the former President Lula da Silva and brought to justice the speaker of Parliament. Shaking the country a corruption scandal aimed at incumbent President Dilma Rousseff. In the political struggle in this largest Latin American country visible and external interests: the U.S. is interested in the failure of Brazil on orientation on China and Russia.

This year Brazil will host the first ever South American Olympics, but in recent months she gets to the top of world news not news about preparing for a major sporting event. One and a half years in the country spins the biggest scandal involving corruption in the state oil company Petrobras. The corruption investigation became the instrument of a power struggle – or rather, for the deprivation of power of the workers ‘ Party, the left, which ruled the country the last 13 years.

“The arrest of former President Lula should be considered as preparation for elections in 2018”

On Friday, the leader of the party, the former President and most popular politician of the country, Lula da Silva was detained by the police in the investigation of corruption in the company “Petrobras”.

I suspect that the construction company that received contracts from “Petrobras”, could help in the construction of ranch and an apartment on the coast for 70-year-old Lula. Thus last autumn, the parliamentary Committee found no evidence linking Lula to corruption, just as not confirmed and it is suspected that his successor, current President Dilma Rousseff.

However, against Rousseff in December commenced the process of impeachment, not because of suspicions of corruption, but because of alleged irregularities in the allocation of budgetary resources. The procedure itself was begun with the violation and a few days later the Supreme court suspended its consideration in Parliament. And on March 4, the day of the arrest Lula, sun was allowed to bring charges against the initiator of the impeachment, the speaker of the lower house of Parliament Eduardo Cunha.

But this is not a trivial revenge of the authorities to the opposition Cunha himself was involved in corruption schemes related to the same “Petrobras”. Moreover, unlike Lula and Rousseff, have more than strong suspicions – he is accused of obtaining $ 5 million in bribes from 2006 to 2012. And he may lose his seat even before sentencing. It turned out that during the hearings he lied, claiming that he had no Bank accounts in other countries, then Swiss investigators found the accounts of Mustelids.

The fact that almost all Brazilian top anyway mentioned in connection with the scandal around the largest state-owned companies, not surprisingly, is corruption in Brazil, traditional, and all got used to it. Another thing is that just during the reign of Lula began serious reforms in moving from an oligarchic state to a social. This comes from the lower classes of Brazilian society after coming to power has made the adoption of strong social programs while also ensuring the growth of the national economy.

In 2011 ended the second term of Lula, and the President became his ally of Rousseff, who held, among other things, and as head of the Board of Directors of “Petrobras”. During the reign of Rousseff and the police began to investigate corruption in state-owned companies. Last year, sun gave permission to conduct investigative actions in respect of 48 current and former members of Congress, including former President Fernando Color de Melo. In 1992 he was subjected to impeachment for corruption, but later the charges were dropped and he was able to return to politics and will now be a new trial.


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