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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Ukraine continues to violate human rights in defiance of UN”

The UN published its latest report on human rights violations in Ukraine. Used in such calculations has often expressed criticism of Russia, and violations of Kiev were closed eye. Now the situation is changing: the UN demands to punish the participants of the blockade of the Crimea and perpetrators of the tragedy in Odessa. However, Kiev may continue to ignore these reports, what is a good reason.

On Thursday in Geneva published according to the UN report on the situation of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine. The document covers developments in Ukraine in the period from 16 November 2015 15 February 2016.

“If the UN will take these kids in, they will conform to them. Will not take – will not”

“Local residents have created self-defence groups”

Prepares the report of the monitoring mission that was deployed by the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR) in March 2014. It has a staff of over 30 people located in five cities: Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkiv and Lviv. Initially, the reports on the situation in Ukraine came out on a monthly basis (first and second reports were published in April and may 2014). Subsequently, the interval between the publication of the report increased. The 12th report was published in December last year.

Even at first glance at the document one can state that the situation with human rights in Ukraine is not improving, but many resonant crimes are not disclosed. OHCHR urged Kiev to investigate allegations of human rights violations committed during the so-called blockade of the Crimea. As reported TASS, the report States that the “civilian blockade” of the Crimea “was carried out by activists who illegally carried out functions of law enforcement agencies,” and that it “was marked by a number of human rights violations”.

Despite the fact that the decision on the lifting of the blockade followed after the entry into force in mid-December, “strict restrictions on the supply of goods, services, food and personal items to the Crimea and from the Crimea”, representatives of OHCHR have visited the Kherson region 1-4 February, came to the conclusion that the members of the “civilian blockade” are still present at improvised checkpoints on the road, although “do not interfere in the movement of machines”. “Local residents have created self-defence groups in response to numerous attacks on individuals and property, alleged to have committed activists, who established a blockade,” the report said.

We will remind, activists “Right sector*” block the road at the checkpoint “Chongar” to prevent the passage of lorries transporting goods to the Crimea, from September 2015.

The report also referred to the damage power lines, which led in November to the termination of electricity supply to Crimea: “There is a wide opinion that this act of sabotage were Pro-Ukrainian activists and Crimean Tatars, who conducted the “civil blockade”. To date none of the perpetrators of the attack is not installed and detained”.

The UN experts indicate that the impact of trade embargoes and a power outage in the Crimea, though it was “limited”, however, “had consequences for some people, especially with reduced mobility and low income”.

“Should be behind bars.”

Commenting on these findings of UN experts, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov expressed doubt in objectivity of investigation of the Kiev energy blockade of the Peninsula. According to him, he understands the goals of the UN. “They might, conversely, want them (the organizers of the blockade of Crimea) to whitewash: to investigate, and then say that they did everything correctly. Goals and objectives is clear to me – to annoy us as much as possible. I think they will come and will show that islyamov (she was one of the organizers) – the hero”, – said Aksenov.

In turn, the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey menyaylo is sure that the UN has called the organizers of the blockade of the Crimea who they are not freedom fighters, and criminals who need to be found and arrested. Sevastopol Chapter emphasized that, despite fierce anti-Russian propaganda of the Western media, to idealize the behaviour of a gang of bandits before the world community still did not work.

Repression and terror in Ukraine”at First the food blockade, then energy. Of course, the authorities in Crimea and Sevastopol did not allow anyone to starve hard, but provided electricity, however, many families suffered losses, suffer little children, pensioners. All this differently as a crime against civilians. The organizers of such blockade should be sitting behind bars,” said meniailo, RIA “Novosti”, adding that the Ukrainian media try to make them heroes in fact failed.

“The UN can, at least on the navel to dance in front of Ukraine”

Former chief editor of the newspaper “Kiev Telegraph”, political scientist Vladimir Skachko believes that the Kiev authorities will never go against Lenur Islyamov and radical part of the Crimean Tatar people, “because they are the only reliable resource on the territory of Crimea”. “They on the radicalization of anti-Russian slogans in the General context of Ukrainian anti-Russian policy you can count on some recognition, funding from the West, Turkey. These are people who work on their own popularity, dancing on the tombs, the fires of war, which they strongly incite,” said Jumps to the newspaper VIEW.

He was convinced that the radicals remain a regular backup of the Kiev authorities. “Radicals always need to resolve any internal disputes or pressure on a competitor, to solve a purely raider problems. By and large Ukraine is on the path of legalization of raiding, as evidenced by a resolution of its own forces GAI to beg money from the transit of Russian trucks. UN maybe even on the navel to dance in front of Ukraine, but nothing will change. Not UN contains the Kiev government. If the UN will take these kids in, they will conform to them. Will not take – will not be”, – he said.


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