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Friday, January 19, 2018

“Intimate places of Andrey Bartenev”

In the gallery “fine Art” on the Large Garden – complete Electrodes. A name coined by Andrey Bartenev, pierces like an electric current. Exhibition of his own. What is this, sorry, so drest? Why? Where? The correspondent of “MK” has found out details from the curator of the exhibition Irina Filatova.

– In memory comes Velimir Khlebnikov, Silver age, the futurists with their word-formation and neologisms, – says Irina Filatova and kindly soglasivshisj to give us a tour. – The word “electrodes”, of course, invented by Bartenev. For him, electric current, energy is life. Therefore, in the word “drist” there’s something energetic and poignant. I think the word really fits him as a person, because Bartenev himself the character of his work, the centre works. He lives for himself within himself.

Flamboyant artist Bartenev is a legendary figure. He is the author of performances, and a fashion designer, and filmmaker, and sculptor, and set designer rolled into one. And yet – people-hurricane, creating new worlds and destroying old, traditional views about art, painting and drawing. Recently, more resonant was held his exhibition “Say: I love you!” at the Museum of modern art on Gogol 10. There is provided a retrospective of the work of Andrew for the last 25 years: large installations, and kinetic sculptures and video-performances, and costumes. The current exhibition is of an entirely different kind.

The exhibition of fine Art – 20 pencil drawings on special paper. This time, the artist creating in the genre of synthetic visual arts surprises completely different – black and white brevity of its sketches. However, in these figures is the rapidity, the severity, and even something hypnotizing. Seeming carelessness, fancy the confusion and randomness of items is a stream of life into which the master invites his audience.

. This exhibition is an intimate, deeply personal. Although admission is free, there are no crowds of people who came just “to possible Bartenev”, no bursts of make selfi on the background of his works, because he is “trendy”.

– Our exhibition – the desire of Andrei – Filatov explains. – He wanted to show his lab to reveal this intimate side of creativity, its inner essence. Looking closely, we can guess, to find in these sketches the features of the larger works.

The picture to the artist more than the illustration. This is his way of communication, the ability to comprehend life and introducing them to the world. In part, this is a kind of a Manifesto, a call. But the game of flirting.

– He says himself – I am the movement, I don’t know what real, because in order to do that, you need to stop. And I can’t stop. He focuses on the point of immediacy. He flies forward, shares his reflections curated

– Bartenev Irina have known each other for years – ever since his emergence on the art scene of Moscow: “It was the late 80s when we first saw the film. He had a wig of blue hair, a crown on her head, a fantastic suit — We, gallery owners and connoisseurs of modern art, admired! And we continue to admire”.

Joint cooperation with the gallery “fine Art” resulted in several exhibitions Bartenev: “the New optimists – “Big hair” (2003), “Meet happiness” (2006) and “Electrodes” (2016).

“From the socket with a screech goes the whistle

It screams freedom Electrotest”– like poetic slogans complement some of the sketches displayed at the exhibition. Each figure is dated – the advantage here work latest, 2015 and 2016, but there are older, for example, 2011. Exposition in gallery “fine Art” is a kind of diary of one genius, which he writes everywhere, wherever.


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