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Monday, February 19, 2018

“Who needs to repent Ukraine for the crimes of the Nazis”

During the great Patriotic war the Ukrainian nationalists were ruthlessly implemented in the life of Hitler’s theory of racial superiority not only in their native land, and wherever he sent them the master will of the führer. And the new Ukrainian government, which declared itself the successor of the heritage of Bandera and Shukhevych, it’s time to apologize to the world for the Nazi past.

To repent for the crimes of the Kiev Nazi worth at least because of its aspiration to join the EU. At least the flagship of the EU – Germany – did just that. She was past that. And Ukraine have something. And much before anyone.

Penitential days

“Their sight was disgusting, when they rushed into the city… Like the demon-possessed, loud trigila, with foam on his lips and bulging eyes swept the Ukrainians on the streets of Lviv”

The upcoming visit of Angela Merkel to Moscow is not a joke stirred the Ukrainian politicum. As the Chancellor was trying “not to offend the Ukrainian government” (and at the same time – all participants in the sanctions camp in the U.S.), moving meeting with Vladimir Putin and the joint laying of wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown soldier on may 10, neutral, but not avoided. Even the fact that the main topic of the meeting should become the situation in Ukraine, did not save her from the waves of righteous anger, rising up to the Dnieper.

So, the leader of the Radical party of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko on his page in Facebook said that “to restore historical justice” Angela Merkel needs to come first and foremost in Kiev, “to commemorate the millions who died through the fault of Germany”. According to Lyashko, Ukraine “lost through the fault of the Germans and their allies a larger share of its population among all the present day countries of Europe.” “In Germany, oddly enough, very little aware of their great historical guilt to the Ukraine as one of the victims of the Nazis of European Nations,” he sternly scolded Merkel, pragmatically adding that her irresponsible fellow “it’s time to pay the historical accounts”.

The idea is not new. Debt, as you know, it’s not only Holy, but also highly profitable (for the recipient). That’s just Ukraine, claiming the place in a long queue for German compensation, it would be nice to first pay off their own bills. The recent adoption of the law on the rehabilitation of the OUN and UPA* Ukrainian parliamentarians (among which, incidentally, was the historical truth Lyashko) is automatically turned “naniko” from the victorious countries in the accomplice of crimes against humanity, convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal. In his documents there was a place for those for whom the Verkhovna Rada, exactly one month before the 70th anniversary of the Victory adopted the law “On the legal status and the memory of fighters for independence of Ukraine in XX century”.

Here’s a snippet from the testimony of Colonel Erwin Stolze – a regular officer of the military intelligence and counterintelligence of the Third Reich, the prewar years who oversaw the Ukrainian collaborators.

Stolze: “After the German attack on the Soviet Union Bandera intensified the nationalist movement in the areas occupied by the Germans, and was attracted especially active part of the Ukrainian nationalists”.

Question: “To what extent was used by the Ukrainian nationalists in the struggle against the partisan movement, the Communist party underground in German-occupied Ukraine and were leading the division Abwehr”?

Stolze: “the Division of the Abwehr was actively used by Ukrainian nationalists during the war with the Soviet Union.”

So President Petro Poroshenko, who announced a new Day of defender of Ukraine date of Foundation of the Ukrainian insurgent army* and on the eve of Victory Day experiencing satisfaction from the fact that “Ukraine this year will be in red and black colors” (colors of the battle flag of the UPA), it should pass the test of “Europeanness”. Namely, to make a penitential tour to “places of military glory” new heroes of national history, which has stamped enough blood not only at home but also on the territory of other States.

Death under contract

Interview / Politics
Yuri Luzhkov: It was outrageous the chief
Sergey Ordzhonikidze: To become President of the United States, without a billion not enough
Elena Zaslavskaya: With Ukraine still we are United by a common past
Ivan Blo: Many French people admire Putin
Rinat Pateev: the Image of the Turk as a Muslim was very idealiziruete trip Poroshenko would be logical with Belarus, with the benefit of its leader relationship he had downright idyllic. Lukashenko rose to his feet during one of his visits to Kiev, told reporters that will carry out the day to any request from its Ukrainian colleagues. “All that the President of Ukraine asked to publicly speak, we always did everything. And it will continue,” – said Alexander Lukashenko, adding that Poroshenko neighbors and “relatives”.

Besides, did the Ukrainian collaborators of the Nazis on the Belarusian land, lost in that terrible war, almost a third of its population, so much that all repent to have considerable family Poroshenko. And ashes for spreading goals will last in excess – the ashes of thousands of villages burned together with their inhabitants, including the active participation of the “self” willingly trading in the foreign land as punishers.

The main place of repentance, no doubt, should be Khatyn, 149 people (including 76 children) which on March 22, 1943 paid with their lives for the killed partisans of Hitler’s favorite and Olympic champion, a prominent SS officer Hans Wielkie.

Since in the CPSU Central Committee with the “understanding” reacted to the request of the first Secretary of the Communist party of Ukraine Volodymyr Shcherbytsky not disclose information about the participation of Ukrainians in the punitive actions, in the USSR was adopted a version according to which the crime was committed by faceless “fascist invaders”. And even the trial of the main defendants in the postwar years, calculated the KGB, was held behind closed doors, excluding the press getting into “unnecessary” details.

Meanwhile, the personal name of the executioner of Khatyn has long been known to historians. This is the 118th battalion of security police (it. Schutzmannschaft Btl) – collaborationist suzynet-the auxiliary division of the German security police, was created in may 1942 by the appearance of Constantine Snowskin. His “baptism” battalion, which consisted of prisoners of the red army-the Ukrainians took Kiev in Babi Yar, participating in mass shootings of the Jewish population. Then in December of the same year, the Germans threw authenticated by the blood of traitors against the Belarusian partisans.

“It was downhill, especially when joined the case of the Lithuanians, and Ukrainians. These were as corrupt as the Jewish policemen, but the administrator”

Here’s what he told our battalion Ostap Knap: “I saw how the translator Alves torch set fire to the barn, rather, its thatched roof. The barn caught fire. People in the barn began to shout, to cry. The screams of burning and choking from the smoke people were terrible. It was impossible to hear. They become terribly”.

Getting creepy even seen all of the SS soldiers of the Sonderkommando “Dirlewanger”, complete with German criminals and “Eastern volunteers” arrived there at the request of the command of the 118th battalion, fearing to meet one-on-one with the guerrillas. In the destruction of Khatyn they played a secondary role, providing an opportunity to show themselves Ukrainian “lutzmann”.

As noted by Russian historian Alexander Dyukov, thoroughly investigating “the battle path” is repeatedly mentioned in the statement of colleagues of Vladimir Katrukha (now – elderly beekeeper, the issuance of which the Wiesenthal center has many years of unsuccessfully seeking from Canada), crimes 118th battalion are not limited to one Khatyn. In particular, it was he in the village of relatives of Begoml district, where, according to the testimony of the soldier I. Kozachenko, “women with children drove in separately standing at the end of the village barn, shot and burned in him”, as well as the village Osova: “Remember when people drove to the barn, closed in it, surrounded in a semicircle the barn and opened the barn were in the fire from all weapons”.

Not less than a long memory of himself left in Polesye is the founder and head of the UPA Roman Shukhevych. Together with the former Polish army captain Eugene Polagushin he formed on the basis of volunteers from punitive units of the “Nachtigal” and “Rolland” 201 Schutzmanschaft, earned the highest rating of obergruppenführer Erich von dem Bach – head of SS and police for Central Russia and Belarus.

In 1942 the battalion Shukhevych in the triangle Mahiliou – Vitsebsk – Lepel was engaged not only in fighting the partisans, but also the creation of so-called dead zones around the sites of alleged dislocation, destroying towns and killing locals. “Your Holiness, excelencia! We are doing well, the Germans are satisfied with our work…” – reported Shukhevych in a letter to the Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytsky. And here he is not being humble – for carrying out punitive operations in Belarus Roman Shukhevych was personally awarded by Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler the Iron cross and the rank of Hauptmann (captain).

In an interview Yury Shukhevych (by the way, the initiator of the “rehabilitation” of the law) on the logical question that his father-a patriot doing Belarus, innocently replied, “Because the contract”. In short, it’s nothing personal, just a job. In total more than 35,000 “contractors” in the compositions of many of the punitive battalions were brought by the Germans in Belarus in the first years of the war. So the “dear person” Petro Poroshenko have something to kneel in front of the Belarusians.

With fire and sword


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