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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Traces of ancient civilization found in the construction of power bridge to Crimea

KRASNODAR, 2 Mar — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Isupova. The ancient system of collecting drinking water, Dating back to the pre-Greek period (VIII-VII century BC) found on the construction site of a power bridge to the Crimea, on the Taman Peninsula of the Krasnodar region, told RIA Novosti Nikolay Sudarev, head of the Eastern-Bosporan expedition of the Institute of RAS.

According to him, this was proof that on the territory of the Taman Peninsula there was a settlement, the level of development which was quite high.

Ancient civilization

According to Sudareva, scientists discovered a collection of drinking water for a large village. He also noted that interesting and the very existence of such reservoirs in pre-Hellenic time. “We know the ability to build such cisterns in ancient time, that is Greek. And our discovery refers to the pre-Hellenic time, and it’s a sensation,” he added.

The system is a stone tank, which was in deep Foundation pit, wall height can reach three meters. The water stored in stone tanks through plum and on different levels, acting on the principle of communicating vessels, falls into three adjacent tank, passing through a kind of filter. According to the head of the expedition, found water for the water tank were sent for analysis to St. Petersburg. “But that water drinking is not in doubt. Sent it for analysis to explore its features,” said Sudarev.

However, according to him, the unique find will have to destroy. “In another situation it could be to fall asleep ummm, well to put sacks of earth, so she didn’t collapse… But it will fail as the territory of the finds is over the energy bridge, and soil from the area for construction will need to be removed,” said Sudarev.

He added that the construction of the power bridge due to the findings of scientists practically suspended. “Builders have to work in. They work on their plots and give us the opportunity to go on our land,” — concluded the source.

Archaeological excavations

The participants of the complex archaeological expedition, among whom were the Institute of history of material culture St. Petersburg, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of archeology of Moscow and Saratov research archaeological center, worked near the village of Ilyich, in parallel with the construction of a power bridge to Crimea.

The work of archaeologists has been conducted since may last year. “During this time under layers of ancient times have shown many traces of the barbarian settlements. And at the end of February we were lokapavani complexes on the shore, and when opened them, I found a very interesting drainage system. It dates from pre-Greek time”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, before science existed, the main point is that by the arrival of the Greeks in the area of modern Kuban is no population was not. “It was thought that this territory peacefully penetrated the Greeks, which was mainly engaged in agriculture. However, the finding confirms that the Greeks appeared to already inhabited lands”, concluded the archaeologist.


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