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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“The trick Zakharchenko disgraced Poroshenko”

Love Petro Poroshenko for self-promotion, for which he is not above outright falsehoods, known for a long time. Using this, the leadership of DNR has prepared a simple “trap”, in which the President of Ukraine and got caught. The story of the liberation from captivity of the Ukrainian armed forces major Andrew Grechanov (“cyborg”) was to be the Ukrainian leader’s triumph, but has become a disgrace.

Another session of revelations of lies the President of Ukraine regularly fills the information space, happened at the end of an exciting epic with the release from captivity of the Ukrainian armed forces major General Andrew Grechanov – one of the main propaganda of the symbols of Kiev, who became famous during the fighting for the Donetsk airport.

“Believe me, when you sit in captivity, neither Poroshenko nor other negotiators in your life are not interested. And another thing: stop believing false propaganda”

Chief of intelligence 81st assault brigade with the Callsign “Rahman” became known to the Ukraine in April of this year when it was shown on TV two-hour program “Cyborgs. Unbroken”. After this major of a volunteer who miraculously survived (unlike under his command dozens of soldiers, buried under the rubble of the terminal), became a “star”. His face was decorated with posters of mobilization, and he was in the Ukrainian media became known as the “cyborg.”

Grechanov the prisoner came on July 31, Gorlovka, trying with a small reconnaissance group are more bright on the other side of the front line (Hello the Minsk agreements, strict compliance with which Kiev reports on each corner). And freed him in exchange for a similar major-volunteer – chief of the combat support of one of the brigades of the army of DNR Vladimir Starkov, who is also in July by mistake went to the KAMAZ, loaded with ammunition, right on the Ukrainian checkpoint. The exchange took place on the same day when the Ukrainian President signed a decree to pardon Starkova, who was sentenced in September to 14 years of imprisonment “for participation in waging aggressive war against Ukraine” and the execution of orders “the chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Russia”.

The story, which the press service Poroshenko has shown the country and the world, would be able to move the most callous heart. The head of state returning from the climate conference in Paris, dead of night is racing to meet the hero, not going home. In the course of informal communication the President reports “Donetsk prisoner” such a little details of the special operation in his pulling out of the separatist prison that even Spielberg and his saving private Ryan would envy.

“I’ll tell you that it was the 18th attempt to get you released. And today, not only for mom and wife, but also for each of us, and for me as President of a real holiday”, – said the head of state Grechanova (under camera) my joy. Along the way, the President has revealed another secret, saying that the final decision on the imprisoned mayor was taken literally the day before. He de Paris during the tour in the strongest terms convinced Merkel and Hollande to “pressure Putin”, “real Ukrainian hero” was released. To complete the experience Poroshenko immediately called Grechanova mother, thanking her for her son.

A couple of spoons of tar in this barrel of honey was not slow to pour presidential detractors. Say, you could give the major contact with the mother immediately after release, instead of postponing it to the gatherings in high office. Again surfaced long been circulating the theme of alcohol abuse Poroshenko: some thoughts suggested specific puffiness and cyanosis of the face, visible even through the makeup. Plus it is slightly delayed and sudden bouts of fun.

But it’s stuff. The main bomb went off a few days later, when in the Internet appeared the video, filmed on the eve of the liberation Grechanova and with his direct participation. In addition to his protagonists were the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko and defense Minister Vladimir Kononov DNR.

In this video, the first persons of the Donetsk people’s Republic told who the “cyborg” needs to say thank you for the newfound freedom. “The exchange that will happen in the next few hours, maximum a day, was organized and took place thanks to Alex Mochanov (well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and volunteer ATO). Neither the President of Ukraine, nor other negotiators in exchange this person was not involved. I declare responsibly: if not request Mochanov, “Rahman” would sit further in captivity”, – said Zakharchenko.


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