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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

“The liberation of the city of Ramadi from ISIL in vain is considered a success”

The ISIL militants have left 800-thousand city of Ramadi, which was filed by the media as a principled military success of the Western coalition. In fact, PR in this story much more. But real success on the Iraqi front in the near future is not foreseeable: the war with the Islamists came to Gordeeva the node that a little blood will not be cut.

A feature of the war in Iraq – complete passivity of the population, terribly tired from all that worked with him since 1991. Because the occupation of almost million city (Ramadi, according to the latest census, population of over 800 thousand people) passed almost unnoticed. Earlier he has several times passed from hands in hands almost without resistance.

“Regain control of Ramadi may be the last major success of the us Alliance with the Iraqi front. Further – emptiness”

This time the fighting took place only two suburbs that are not of strategic importance but easy to maneuver. The ISIS militants tried to mine the approaches from the East, but to no avail. In General, the struggle for a huge city was reduced to the occupation of several buildings, in which historical traditions are public institutions. Here you have the whole war.

Video reports of the “cleansing” more closely resemble the staged shots of work in the private sector that is not related to the actual capture of the city. The Islamists just got out of Ramadi, giving authorities the opportunity to deal with this incident. For the benefit of ISIL is only a special case of global Jihad, and the Iraqi authorities is an event of national importance.

It is important to understand that to beat almost million city forces three thousand militia is in principle impossible – to put a Rifleman on every street corner will not work. When attacked Ramadi exclusively Shia Iraqi government was able to mobilize only this part of the population for an attack on the territory of ISIS. But since nothing had, one not completed before the end of the team quietly went to the city, having cleaned the camera several private residential areas in the quarter Husaybah.

Who’s friends with who and fighting in Syria and Iraq, Such a war with ISIS is very similar to the classic Makhno, although it is part of the regular army and there is modern weapons. Raids on large cities can continue indefinitely, because the idea of war is not lifted. Yes, seized Ramadi. Likewise, it is possible to give in a couple of weeks – and no one would notice. The population on what is happening in the next block, doesn’t react, and the Central government in Iraq as there was and no. Its artificial propagation is only possible through external and violent, but also to that in Iraq everything is already accustomed. Initially, many thought the ISIS local a kind of prototype of a new state system that has delivered time and from the legacy of Saddam and the Americans. And now it turns out that this system is not working.

From a military point of view, the capture of Ramadi becomes a turning point in the Iraqi campaign against ISIL is only at first glance. The military situation now dictates the location of the population, rather than any technical circumstances of the action. The Iraqi government has to create special conditions to guide against ISIS military units, forming the Shia militias or to use the services of the United States. But on earth is not war, but something like earlier attacks on fortified settlements that ISIS already and does not want to retain. Now for the Islamists it is more important to preserve not so much a part of Northern Iraq, how many Syrian territory.


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