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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

“Students DNR has asked the state Duma to recognize the Republic: answered by only one member”

The Deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Gudkov has published in its Facebook letter, the eighth-grader from Donetsk Cyril of Sergey, in which he asks the MP to recognize the DNR as soon as possible. The MP suggested that such letters should have received all his colleagues in the Duma, however, most likely, simply ignored them. In the Donetsk confirmed the suspicion of the Deputy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The student explains their appeal to the desire to “end the war”. He writes that he wants “to learn, hanging out with friends, sleep,” and believes that the key to the recognition of DND and its admission into the Russian Federation.

The serdega says that Russia will not regret it, because their people (DNR) “very hardworking”.

In comments to our edition Dmitry Gudkov noted that it is unlikely that the letter was written at the initiative of the student as evidenced by atypical for the child’s turnovers and mistakes, the name, surname and patronymic, as well as an adult’s handwriting on the envelope and gratitude for the support of DND, hooters never provided.

However, he promised to contact Kirill personally.

In the recording of same in the social network Gudkov suggested that the mailing similar letters from students of Donetsk organized some “adult”: “Teenagers don’t play dirty geopolitics, it is the destiny of those who signed the envelope”.

The Deputy added that he wants the student to grow and realize their potential either in the Ukrainian Donetsk or in Russia, at his choice, but to contribute to the recognition of the DPR does not intend, as it will lead to the impoverishment of both Russia and Ukraine.

“By the way — ends in the social network a reply to the student politician, the majority of Duma deputies don’t read letters that come from voters. So tell your senior friends that there was no need to force students to rewrite the words of others, it doesn’t work”.

At school in response to our call confirmed that the campaign of mass dispatch of the letters of schoolchildren to the deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation was organized in early February. It was held among the schools of the Kiev district of Donetsk on the initiative of the Deputy of the people’s Council DND Yaroslav Korotenko and in coordination with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the breakaway Republic.

The school said that so far no other reaction, except for recording Gudkov, not seen.

Note that the page of Cyril of Sergey from Donetsk is “Vkontakte”, however no information about the political views of the student. He’s mostly interested in animals and computer games.

The morning starts with a surprise. I wrote an eighth-grader Kirill from Donetsk. Thanks for the support of DNR and requests that pascor…

Dmitry Gudkov published 2 March 2016.


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