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Saturday, April 14, 2018

“Syrian truce could be a trap”

Agreement on the ceasefire in Syria were suspiciously achieved on time. Even more suspicious is the fact that the current situation resembles that which we have already seen at least twice, in Bosnia and in the Donbass. Now Russia needs to understand that the players, primarily the U.S., ready to use any opportunity to turn the tide in their favor. However, ISIL does not save you.

Amid allegations of ceasefire for “opposition forces is not terrorism-related” ISIS decided to re-assert themselves, capturing the village of Nasser, and hence the control over a small section of the main road the supply of Aleppo. Soon this village was retaken by the Syrian forces, but this had to return with promising offensive parts of the front in Northern Aleppo.

“For the US offensive on Mosul and Raqqa has become not just a element of the race, but also a vital step in rehabilitating the reputation of the sole superpower”

Not God knows what the importance of the event, the more that ISIL often enough tried to play on “strategy of indirect action”, concentrating on pererezannym supply systems of government troops. Another thing is that for several months of quasi-fighters do not attempt operations of a tactical nature, the more successful (at least temporarily). And most antecedently affiliated with the opposition, commentators and the media immediately stated that in the area of Aleppo in a tactical environment came a group of government troops, equipped with modern Russian weapons, in particular tanks T-90.

The whole story remained in the tops no more than a day and a large trace is not left. In addition to reminders that the war is not over yet.

For ISIL fighting for Nasser meant a temporary postponement of the offensive of government troops in the capital, Raqqa. For “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” – easing pressure on the Turkish border. Now the Syrian General staff (as usual with him in these times there is) will think that it is more logical right now to launch an offensive on Raqqa or continue to finish off jihadists in the North-West of Aleppo. And, given his style of thinking may well choose Raqqa.

To Haseru were hastily brought the main force in the region: “Team 3”, “Cheetahs”, “desert Tigers” Colonel Suhail and “al-Quds” (“Jerusalem” – a team consisting mainly of Palestinians and Lebanese). And if they’re already there, why move them back to finish the unfinished work on the Turkish border – about as much as the other in the Syrian General staff. No matter what unfinished business – critical front. On the plot, fundamentally important for many players playing for a different team.

The course of military operations in Siriya because the conditions of the peace agreement,” such developments are just guessing. After all, military action against ISIS and “an-Nusra” is not stopped – and will not be stopped until their complete destruction. But what of raqqa – the de facto capital of ISIS, no more than European misconception, based on the usual perception of the world. In fact it is only the largest and most remote of the city controlled by ISIS, that does not make it the capital and did not give them the inherent significance of (“global Caliphate” in General has not yet decided on the capital, we only know that Mecca and Medina he rejects, considering even worship the Kaaba deviation from Islam, despite the fact that the sanctity of the Kaaba was Muhammad himself indicated). Nevertheless, it is in the direction of Raqqa as the race starts from the side of the government army, and the coalition led by the United States. This, of course, not the equivalent of Berlin, but a kind of paraphrase – “first, he is the winner of new world’s evil”.


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