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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Yuri Karash: Why do we need lunar infrastructure?”

“No one who now says, will not take personal responsibility for their words or for those funds that it may receive from the state budget for the implementation of these plans unreasonable”, – commented on the member-correspondent of the RA of cosmonautics Yuri Karash development Strategy of space activities in Russia published by the Russian Federal space Agency.

Roscosmos has published the project of Strategy of development of space activity of Russia till 2030 and beyond, recently approved by the departmental Board. Now the document passes the coordination in the government.

Plans up to 2020, in particular, provide for the establishment, in readiness for flight tests of the heavy manned spacecraft of new generation; participation in the international cooperation in the deployment on the surface of Mars long-lived network of research stations, conducting missions to Venus, Jupiter and asteroids; to take leading positions in the aerospace markets of developing countries; decision of problems of training of specialists for Russian space activities.

2030 designated in the project as the point of breakthrough. This includes, in particular, the development of tools for contact investigations and follow-up exploration of the moon; implement a demonstration of a manned flyby of the moon with the subsequent disembarkation of cosmonauts to its surface and return them to Earth.

The period after 2030 is named in the draft strategy for the development of a breakthrough. At this time, according to the authors, will be carried out: regular manned flights to the moon; the moon on the deployment of continuously operating stations and research laboratories; creation of scientific, technical and technological basis for the full participation of Russia in international cooperation for the preparation and implementation of a manned flight to Mars.

Yury Karash (Photo: the frame of the TV channel “Russia”)

Their point of view published on the Roscosmos plans to the newspaper VIEW was voiced by the member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky Yury Karash.

OPINION: Yuri Yurievich, how do you estimate proposed by Roscosmos the document?

Yury Karash: This brand is eclectic, one that is designed for the time in which the people who initiated or proposed, will not bear personal responsibility for its implementation.

OPINION: You think it cannot be called a system concept?

On this topic

Roscosmos, space, Russia in space

Y. K.: I would say that this is some isolated ideas. The program was Apollo, when Kennedy may 25, 1961 said, “We will go to the moon,” and set the task: by the end of the decade to land a man on the moon and return him back to Earth. Eight years. Kennedy as President – he did not think that he would be killed, – able, while still in the White house to get political gains from the implementation of the programme. Accordingly, all the people standing at the origins of the program, bore personal responsibility for its implementation. But if you create a program for 20, 30 years – so you can offer to build a Park on Mars and start each year to pay trillions of rubles into this project. And accounting for its implementation in the XXII century – then let’s go to Mars and see, there will be a water Park, and we are going to spend money.

OPINION: the Strategy envisages manned missions to the moon by 2030 and the establishment of lunar infrastructure. Why this infrastructure might need?

Y. K.: But no one understands what lunar infrastructure. Why lunar infrastructure? Why not create infrastructure, for example, on the bottom of the oceans? How do they explain why you need lunar infrastructure? Walked on the moon 12. From 69 th to 72-th year, the astronauts “Apollo” was brought to the Earth 389 kg of rocks and soil. Why now need the infrastructure on the moon, what is she to do? In addition, the Moon is close to Earth, what else is it interesting? Is there oil and gas?

Said that there is helium-3, and seven years ago we had a so-called helium rush, when the RSC Energia headed by Nikolai Sevastyanov, maybe a good Manager, but completely illiterate in matters of space exploration. About this, as he Popovkin (the head of Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin – approx. OPINION) said: “we are often the heads of space enterprises has appointed random people that don’t fit their qualities for their positions”. It seems to me, Sevastyanov was one of them. He promoted the idea of mining helium-3 on the moon. On this subject – is it unreasonable to say can be very long. About it well said the Director of the space policy Institute John Lexman: “to Fly in the near future on the moon for helium-3 is like 500 years ago, sending Columbus to India for uranium”. To bring-he may, and will bring, only another 500 years no one will know what to do with it. Here is the same.

The situation is as follows. There are in Russia some representatives of the academic community, which is a very interesting Moon. And now they are trying every hook and crook to justify the implementation of the manned lunar program, that astronauts went there, collected stones and brought to Earth to meet their personal professional interests. No other reason to send people to the moon no.

VIEW: explore the moon with robotic spacecraft?

In your opinion, the Leadership of Roscosmos, wants to launch a satellite, similar to the accident “a Fobos-the Ground” that will cost about 3 billion roubles. How do you feel about that?Support
Discussion: 76 commentsJ. K.: I totally agree with the question that needs to be sent to the moon unmanned spacecraft. Make an apparatus of the class Curiosity – only 2 billion dollars – and send it to the moon. He you half of the moon will sjezdit far and wide, where that is necessary, will neverlet, collected samples, will bring up to return the module, it’s all there immerse, and rocket it back to Earth.

Why create a lunar infrastructure? Nobody explains. Those who propose this idea, I hope for the magic word “infrastructure”. Immediately in the imagination of politicians and taxpayers, there are large industrial complexes on the moon, where something very important is produced, is created, thus they do not imagine that is extracted and created.

Lunar infrastructure is totally unjustified waste of money just to repeat the Apollo program. And no matter what supporters of the idea of returning people to the moon, it is the same “Apollo”, only a side view. Because there is now such tasks, which would have had to create a technique, fundamentally different from the forces made by Nietzsche. That is, in principle, everything is the same: fly astronauts to the moon, to walk, collect stones, pounding with hammer on the rocks, I’ll bring it back to Earth. That’s what all of this eventually will come down.

OPINION: Maybe the moon program could be one of the steps by which man can reach Mars?

Y. C.: By this way to the moon, we’d have no pants. We won’t have funds for anything else, get some sort of “syndrome “Apollo”. When America reached the moon, she was left, figuratively speaking, to be on the moon with tongue hanging out, both in economic and in political terms. Of course, this was a huge accomplishment, but then there was a pullback: now what to do after that?

We are for the implementation of the manned lunar expedition fully expected to spend all of our financial, production and, most importantly, public and political support of the space program. After that have to rest more than a decade, neither of which Mars do not have to think.

George W. Bush in 2004 put forward the idea of returning to the moon. Why the Americans rejected it? Yes, because nothing new it will not.

OPINION: the Plans also provide for the establishment of the near-earth and lunar space stations maintenance of traffic operations. What would that look like?

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Y. K.: It is something from the works of Arthur C. Clarke. A few years ago the cost of shipping a kilogram of cargo into space was around 23-25 thousand dollars. When it drops to $ 25, then we can say that there will be any taxis to ply between earth and lunar orbits.

Again, the proposed program is at the level of fantastic comics. To draw bright colorful pictures, that politicians and taxpayers were fascinated by their views and not particularly wondered: what is behind these pictures, is there anything real? That’s how I would characterize this so-called space programme up to 2030.

OPINION: the strategy is defined and areas of work for the period after 2030…

Y. K.: with regard to “after 2030”, I think it is even not serious to comment on. Especially in Russia with its total theft, “sawing” of the budget and total unaccountability and irresponsibility of civil servants for the money they receive from the state budget for solving specific problems.

You can write anything you want, for example, that after 2030 they will extract on the moon, oil, platinum, gold. After all, no one who now says, will not take personal responsibility for their words or for those funds that it may receive from the state budget for the implementation of these absolutely Khlestakov, projektista, no validated plans.

At us in Russia it is possible to allocate funds only for the project which will be implemented within a maximum period of 10-12 years, so you can personally ask those, who will be responsible for its implementation. Because if the project is more, the answer will already be someone from the successors to whom you can always to blame.


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