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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Why is the Ukrainian government decided to “rastervect the” people of Donbass”

The fact that many Maidan supporters believe their compatriots from the Donbas not people but “subhumans”, “insects” and “cotton wool”, is no longer news. News is that recently the ideology of hatred and hate speech were used by Ukraine’s leaders. The motive is simple: unlike murder, the killing of “subhuman” is more easily accepted by the society.

The Ukrainian authorities took the final decision “of the Donbas issue.” On how to cleanse the Ukrainian land from the “subhuman” will look like in the twenty-first century, on the first anniversary of the bombing of Lugansk told from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, the leader of the parliamentary faction “Block of Petro PoroshenkoYuriy Lutsenko. “The President believes that a cancerous tumor is subject to blockade. The practice of the head of Luhansk regional administration of the Russian ban, banning any links with the occupied territories, recognized as valid and needs to be extended to the territory of Donetsk region”, – said Lutsenko.

“In response, people hit. Some are detained and taken to unknown destinations. If police forces are not enough, the military arrive and shoot in the air, beating people with rifle butts”

“In 1918, the UNR was provided in those parts of the administrative unit called the Polovtsian land. It seems that it is now time to rebuild. At least temporarily. The sheep have to learn to be Ukrainians and then come to our site, where peace, tranquility and welfare,” gave colleagues a secret accord a worthy son of the first Secretary of the Rivne regional Committee of the CPSU.

The experience of the head of Lugansk regional military-civil administration Gennady Moskal, referenced Lutsenko is an attempt to create conditions intolerable to the lives of ordinary people. Throughout may, “Mr. Moskal” first issued an order prohibiting pass through Ukrainian checkpoints any vehicles (except bicycles), thus blocking access to the territory LNR food and drug administration. Then he ordered the closure of the crossing and bridges over the river Seversky Donets in Slavyanoserbsky district – “to prevent unauthorized crossing of pedestrians and vehicles”.

When the residents of the Village Lugansk, deprived of their last chance to get to Lugansk (where many work or family), began to protest, the Russian quickly found them on the Council. “People call and say that that near the building of district administration there are constant skirmishes, a spontaneous rally of the residents outraged by the outrage. In response, people hit. Some are detained and taken to unknown destinations. If police forces are not enough, come soldiers fired into the air, beating people with rifle butts”, – told reporters the source of the event.

In late may, the military Governor of the Luhansk region also forbidden to repair the main water pipe, near the village of Rodina damaged during the exchange of heavy fire between the Ukrainian military and militias (according to other sources, the failure was intentional). As a result a half-million Luhansk and a number of settlements on the territory LNR again, as last summer, was left without water. When the Pro-Ukrainian residents of Lugansk appealed to his “liberator” to ease the blockade by allowing at least the transportation of products, the Russian replied with a categorical refusal.


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