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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

“What caused the sharp growth of corruption in the military”

RCDS announced the growth of corruption among the military 1.5 times per year – every fifth crime is now connected with bribes. In the state Duma suggested that bribes do not, they just become more to fix. But there are other opinions, including the direct relationship between the extent of corruption and frequency of military exercises.

Speaking at the expanded Board of the Main military investigatory management SK the Russian Federation, its leader, Colonel General of justice Alexander Sorochkin has informed that last year received 28.8 thousand reported crimes in the ministries and agencies where there is military service (MO, VV MVD, EMERCOM, FSS and other).

“The Laundry in the whole armed forces also takes billions”

“In the production were more than 16,6 thousand criminal cases. At the request of the military investigators, the courts seized the property of the accused a total value of nearly 1 billion rubles” – quoted by TASS Sorochkina. According to him, efforts by military investigators during the pretrial phase of production has achieved a compensation of 2.7 billion rubles. For comparison: in 2011 this indicator did not exceed 500 million roubles.

“The report of Alexander Sorochkina sounded the data of the conducted analysis of crime that showed that for the year 1.6-fold increase in the number of registered bribery, 16.5% – assignments and embezzlement, 18.7% – the abuse of official powers”, – said in the UK.

In profile Committee of the state Duma of this increase is attributed to the fact that military investigators are more efficient. “This shows that the investigating authorities began to work better. All decisions taken in the 2014-2015 academic year have started to bear fruit. Changing the structure of the investigative agencies, is the equipment more advanced equipment,” – said the newspaper LOOK first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on defense Sergei Zhigarev (LDPR). But there are other versions.

Increased “mobility” of corrupt officials

So, member of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Sergey Krivenko said that he didn’t notice the gain “zeal” on the part of investigators.

“Corruption remains one of the most important types of crimes in the armed forces. May indeed have increased the number of crimes. Maybe this increase is associated with an increase in the number and size of military exercises, maneuvers because always allow some way to easily write, assign material values”, – said Kryvenko in an interview to the newspaper VIEW, noting that while it “purely subjective experience”.

On this topic

the Prosecutor’s office, the army of Russia, corruption, the army and armaments, the fight against corruption

Chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a retired Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky follows the third version is to take tricks in the army became smaller, and fix such cases have become more.

“Probably, has improved work of military prosecutors and military control of the IC, the detection rates increased. Because the budget of one and a half times increased, spending on the armed forces through the control of the Treasury. The concept of “military Department” is also relative. For example, the military formally belong to the Ministry of defense and military personnel there. Last year was periodically told that another Department head or Commissar was caught on bribes. They also seem to fall in these statistics,” said Murakhovsky the newspaper VIEW.

“It’s hard for me to imagine actually, for now the commander of the battalion, the brigade may take the leg. The famous 400-th order, which the commander personally determined which of the officers to pay a bigger premium was cancelled. Housing? Housing officers issue has been resolved completely. Queues, no. The unit commander now doesn’t give money for washing clothes, bathing of personnel or for food. Everything is outsourcing. And outsourcing is centrally. Stew even now from the warehouse will not powerwash!” – commented ironically Murakhovsky.

“Now if corruption is possible, then on the “side” level – at the level of life support, at the building level. This is not the level of the military, is higher, especially if construction or repair is. We remember the tragic story of the collapse of the barracks in Omsk, which was commissioned rear bodies. It is possible that in such cases, as they say, “paid signature”. Perhaps some cases are detected at the level where the decision is made to connect to the outsourced an affiliate company. The Laundry in the whole armed forces also takes billions” – summed up the military expert.

The victory of General Chirkin

Speaking at the meeting, Sorochkin added that investigated criminal cases about corruption crimes and in respect of senior officers (generals and admirals).

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“After 5 years the Investigative Committee of the military investigating authorities sent to court 22 criminal cases against senior officers of Russian ministries and agencies, 3 of which are in 2015. Currently in production of military investigators are criminal cases against four persons of this category. All of them are suspected of Commission of corruption crimes”, – he said.

As already wrote the newspaper VIEW, resonant “case Oboronservis” was largely a thing of the past, while investigations on a number of episodes continue. However, in August last year, the former commander of Land forces Vladimir Chirkin has been sentenced to 5 years strict regime for a bribe of almost half a million rubles. Himself deprived of his rank of General was declared her innocence. However, in December, the higher court found his actions only fraud for which provides for more lenient punishment. Circino, which is before the court interceded, the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov, and awarded only a penalty. He was restored to his General’s rank with the return of all awards.

But in the same month he was arrested – along with two alleged accomplices – the chief of Department of audit of public contracts of the Ministry of defense Dmitry Shortfall.

The head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin work of military investigators for the year at the Board praised. In particular, he endorsed and interaction of the Main military Prosecutor’s office with the financial Inspectorate of the Ministry of defense – “anti corruption”. But this year, Bastrykin instructed to strengthen attention to another direction – to the prevention of corruption “first of all, when execution of the state defense order”.


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