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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“The t-90 has proven its survival in Syria”

In the Internet appeared video of attack on T-90 tank in Syria. After being hit by American anti-tank missiles in the car the crew was able to escape. According to experts, this incident once again confirmed that the Russian T-90 surpasses foreign analogues.

On YouTube published a video that captures the moment of impact of American anti-tank missile complexes (ATGW) TOW anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) in the T-90. It happened to the West of Aleppo in the countryside, where recently there was active fighting of the Syrian army against militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). The shot produced some brigade of “Mountain hawks”, presumably belonging to the “moderate” opposition (more precisely, to the “free Syrian army”). For the first time the Russian T-90 were seen in Syria in September last year.

“If it struck the armor, inside the tank no survivors would not be”

Experts agree that this incident once again shows that the T-90 is superior to their foreign counterparts.

Rocket just left to the side”

Deputy General Director of OJSC “research and production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky” (manufacturer of T-90) Vyacheslav Khalitov notes that the video is blurry and difficult to clearly identify the particular sample of the tank – but the car is “closely similar to T-90”. Assessment Khalitova, the roller is mounted in two parts. From the first we can conclude that, obviously, triggered a complex opto-electronic suppression “Blind”, so the shells could not hit the target, “the missile just went to the side”.

“This facility is a multilevel protection of T-90. This is one of the subsystems, which is designed to protect the machine from the anti-tank guided missiles tracer,” said Khalitov the newspaper VIEW.

According to Deputy Director of the Uralvagonzavod T-90 is yet another system. It detects an incoming missile and in the direction of the laser beam, which is induced ATGM, fired smoke metallic cloud that can dissipate the laser beam, and the opponent does not understand the range to the target, so can’t get on it.


According to Khalitov, the second snippet differs from the first – on the tank at this point was not included complex optical-electronic suppression, because the video recorded the hit rocket into the goal, but “instead, the system of dynamic protection, so the tank has not received serious damages and the crew was able to leave the car.”

“If you get Pture machine retains its combat capability. Dynamic protection allows the direct hit of a shell in a tank to completely destroy the munition, and he loses the ability to break through armor,” said Khalitov.


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