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Monday, February 19, 2018

“The successes of the Syrian army openly encouraging”

The government army of Syria have made breakthroughs where until recently they had no hope: the jihadist front collapsed, the enemy running. It is particularly important that the Syrian forces are successful now and then, when the Russian space forces do not carry out their air support. However, all this does not negate some of the problems, and in some places Asadova else will suffer badly.

In recent days the situation on the fronts really pleasant. For example, local offensive operations in those areas, which until recently were considered minor, were just fine. In this case we are not talking about the easing of pressure on core areas. It is about the results of three effects on military positions of the jihadists where they were considered almost inviolable.

“Yet we cannot say that victory is in sight, although in some places, for example in the province of Latakia, it is in fact so”

For example, the city of Sheikh Miskin. The battle for it lasted about a month, and now we can say that government forces control more than 90% of its territory. Thus, the situation in the province of Deraa broken, and what used to be seen as the “tube” through which the government forces were moved South, became a complete front.

Information sources close to the jihadists who have already recognized their defeat. This is the first time since the beginning of Russian involvement in the Syrian conflict, when sources close to jihadist circles, openly admitted complete defeat. Perhaps the loss of Sheikh-Miskina not so important, more important than the successes of the Syrian army in Latakia province, in any case, it turned out that the front of the armed opposition to the Assad government fell apart.

Surprisingly, even the Russian media has paid little attention to the fact that after the fall in Latakia Salma notorious jihadist part without a fight dropped to a few tens of kilometers in Turkey. Now government forces quietly occupy them, sometimes going to the Turkish border directly or at a distance of no more than 10 miles away from her. Including control of delivered area, which was killed by a Russian pilot. Opposition groups simply ran from this mountain region and the Turkish so-called turcomanicum parts have been ineffective. And have a question: were there any tarchominskie these parts? Or they ate only Turkish military help?

Russia fighting terrorism in Syria: what are forces and how are applied missile and bomb udaisagar Sheikh-Miskina allows you to start a concentrated operation to restore the border with Jordan in the southern sector of the front that will also reduce the possibility to supply terrorist groups. It should be understood that the more government forces to crack the regular front jihadists, the greater the danger that terrorist actions on their part. The loss of the possibility to fight at the front returns of the Islamists in their usual state: terror, bombings, murder of civilians, which was demonstrated on Tuesday in HOMS.

In further fighting in the Deraa province will continue along the edge of the ledge behind old warehouses and airfields, but in General it will remind calm moving inland. Sort of like what is happening now in the vicinity of Damascus. Government troops and very slowly destroy the old defensive system ISIS with the help of the Russian HQs. Tasks to destroy the enclave to any specific deadline, although even before the New year it seemed that this can be done in one motion. A General shortage of forces and armaments forced the government troops to turn to the enclave East of Damascus in the likeness of the dying of Stalingrad, in which only part of ISIS, who refused to evacuate by the resettlement programme. Now there is a systematic destruction, in which the only limiting factor is the local population. Russian HQs have every blow to correlate with accurate information about the presence of civilians as targets remain underground utilities LIH, created four years ownership of these buildings.


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