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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“The Russian question really threatens the unity of the European Union”

Quickly parekbasis from the initiator exit from the EU as a supporter of the “European unity”, the UK Prime Minister announced unexpected the thesis in favour of continued membership of the EU in London – “Russian threat”. Think of it in this context and in Eastern Europe. But in fact the unity of the EU as harmful to attempts to “isolate” Moscow.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, having received from colleagues in the EU the assurance that “special way” it is not for the EU something unacceptable has become almost the main enemy “Brassica” (British exit from the EU) in London and is actively involved in the PR campaign on this issue. In a newspaper published in The Telegraph article he called planned for the summer, a referendum on London from the EU “the adventure of the century”. This is despite the fact that Cameron and the referendum initiated.

“Czech Prime Minister said that in the event of a British exit from the EU in Europe to begin increasing wave of nationalism and separatism”

“On June 23, at stake will stand nothing less than the future of our country. It’s a risk for our economy, because these changes can put pressure on the pound, our interest rates and growth. Is the risk in the cooperation on crime and security topics. And that’s a risk our reputation as a strong country in the heart of the world’s most important organizations,” writes the British Prime Minister.

For us very interesting is the following argument Cameron: “How can we be confident that we will continue to be strong in a world where the East is Putin, and to the South of IG. To stay strong, to stay together with its neighbors, partners and friends”.

Of course, that Russia and ISIS equate, is nothing new – the trend has launched a Barack Obama, including the same number again press the Ebola virus. So why would this argument not to repeat the Prime Minister, premiers which were repeatedly called “Washington’s poodle”?

But it is important the mixing of senses, which allows Cameron. The European Union is primarily economic Union. The second is political. Military background in it originally was not – for this is NATO. It turns out that the British Prime Minister confuses the concepts or the desire to intimidate voters willing to sacrifice the truth.

Indeed, the situation looks very uncertain. If a referendum was held in the near future, British politicians would have had orderly rows move in the direction of exit from the EU. According to an online poll by ORB International, 52% of the population support the farewell to the EU and membership in the EU are 48%. The trend is not in favor of unity – a month ago the number of voters for the preservation of the EU prevailed. Moreover, for the sovereignty of actively speaking older voters are the most disciplined electorate in the world.

Wave of information attacks on Western media Rosvodokanal that the respondents spoke about issues such as Economics and migration. “The Russian threat” no one seriously considered.

The alignment of forces before the referendum is very similar to the polls on the secession of Scotland from Britain. In recent days, the campaign fight has been abandoned heavy artillery in the form of the Queen, Ministers and leading representatives of business, and the Scots still voted against independence supporters of independence gained only 44% of the vote with a turnout of 84.5%.

Now, by the way, supporters of Scottish independence also came to life. “All the Scottish MPs are in favour of keeping the UK within the EU. But if the country will be forced to leave the EU, I’m sure the residents of Scotland will require a new referendum on independence, to secure a place in the European Union”, – said the leader of the Scottish national party in the house of Commons of great Britain Angus Robertson.

His words may become a serious reason to vote for the EU for those inhabitants of England who are not ready to say goodbye to Scotland for expected exit from the EU.

As in the case of empires, “European unity” in the first place begins to “crack” along the edges. And if about “Gresit” (a Greek exit from the EU) against the background of Britain in recent times did not even remember, Eastern European countries regularly give rise to such conversations.


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