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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“”The return of Shirokino” sets off the preparation for a new war”

Taking the APU of the village of Shirokino in the Ministry of defence DND said that Kiev invents a victory to raise the morale of the military. Indeed, in Ukraine know how to present the defeat as the “will Peremoga”, as well as win this “peremogu” out of the blue for the sake of PR. Examples are not few. But this time for propaganda hype might be hiding something more.

Ukrainian military returned fully under the control of the village Shirokino under Mariupol, the press officer of sector “M” Mat Alexander Kindsfater, adding that the militia fled the occupied part of the village a few days ago. Currently in the village are working engineers.

“Fighting in debaltseve, allegedly allowed to disrupt the Kremlin’s plans to dismember Ukraine

Pan Kindsfater – perhaps the main storyteller not only of the sector “M”, but all Mat, if you forget about the professionals. It is not an easy task. In the sector of “M” always something going on. Typically events are tied to the clashes between the battalion “Azov” (a couple of times already reformatted, but still existing) and Marines. The latter are considered the elite of the Ukrainian army, because some of them were trained at the site Yavorov under the supervision of Americans. However, the battalion “Azov” people did not believe: actual combat experience of the Marines there, and at the first collision with the VSN in the same Shirokino they fled. So between the two “heroic units” began the battle of life and death – struggle for the resource and the so-called “neutral”, i.e. not controlled by anybody else sat on a relatively stable section of the Mariupol front.

Monitor the “neutral” was intended by the OSCE in the face of the monitoring group, Deputy head of the BBC which regularly goes with the personal inspection in the former neutral villages. Such villages are only two, but they for the OSCE “worth a mass.” Shirokino one year ago was declared a “demilitarized zone”, and these zones – the exclusive invention of the OSCE. Hg in July last year, personally testified that in Shirokino no no militia. And how they now took pan Kindsfater is a question for him.

From a military point of view Shirokino is of no interest. For six months no one lives there, and former resort town in ruins. Yes, it is mined, as is rightly pointed out Kindsfater, but this led to the very nature of the battle for Shirokino. When parts VSN occupied the village, they would not have to install control him fully (due to its unfortunate geography) and retreated to the hilly ridge to the East. But last winter the fighting in Shirokino, as in several Greek villages around it were very serious. It turned into a trap that Mat repeatedly fell, trying to break through to the center and get a reward for “the capture”. Especially those indulged in the same battalion “Azov”, in some point considered Shirokino personal Klondike. I only had to run to the administration building, to make a collective self against the background of the Ukrainian flag and running back until the ridge in the East is not covered by mortars. Continue it could to infinity, but the OSCE has coined the term “demilitarized zone”.

Over time, the status of the main neutral territory in the sector “M” moved in Kominternovo, located on the other track (just to the North, leads to Mariupol). Constant attempts to overcome each other, this tiny town has led to the fact that it also called for the BBC and in the best traditions of European propaganda began to squeeze under the cameras hungry children. When the Hg went, and the children scattered, Kominternovo tried to reach the Ukrainian Marines, because they’re not there yet, but Peremoga did not work.


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