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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“The phenomenon Zelensky and Pashinin: what do you think about Ukrainians Russian Directors”

Ukrainian actors in Russian films — sharp plot. Vladimir Zelensky starring in the film “8 best dates”, went to speak to the area ATO, militia called the “buggers” and transferred money to their enemies. Came to the premiere to protest the activists NOD, he Zelensky has not arrived and declined to comment. But his colleague in the shop, actor Anatoly Pashinin, says anti-Russian speech, incessantly. We talked with Directors who worked with him in Russia.

Vladimir Zelensky (right) and Anatoly Pashinin

Since the beginning of 2000-ies Anatoly Pashinin lived in two countries — Russia and Ukraine. Filmed not so much, but quite regularly. And in Russian, and in Ukrainian serials. Where there was more money. At the end, acting in the piggy Bank Anatoly — 39 films.

Asinine fame brought the role of a Lieutenant in the Patriotic Russian movie “the Storm gate”, where he co-starred with Michael Porechenkova (later Pashinin posed with the target in the form of its portretov the area of the ATO).

Today Pashinin lives in Ukraine.

With cinema, apparently, gave up. In Ukraine now there is not a great movie. Anatoly Pashinin wore the emblem of the Azov battalion, called for terrorist attacks and assassinations in Russia.

Those who invited him for roles in their films, we asked a simple question: “now would be invited?”. One out of four people stated that political views are unlikely to affect the shooting, not one believed our story about the activities Pashinin in Ukraine, and the two spoke about his acting incompetence.


Director Andrey Malyukov. Anatoly Pashinin starred in movies “Storm gates” (2006), “We from the future” (2008).

I wouldn’t think to remove Pashinin yourself under any circumstances. And not just because he’s a renegade and apostate, not only in this case. But just because he’s an actor-you look so hot.

In 2011 I worked on the painting “Match”. The shooting took place in Kiev. Pashinin were supposed to do, play football. All the actors that were involved in the film and who got the role players, had three months to train at the sports center “Dynamo Kyiv”. Coach they also took from this “Dynamo Kyiv”. After a few workouts I was approached by the coaches and said, “We refuse to work with him Malininym. He all the time either drunk, or on drugs, his foot on the ball to get it yet.”

When God didn’t give, to try he didn’t want his diligence was limping, plus drinking and God knows what, why do I need one? And I kicked him out.

But nevertheless somehow Pashinin pulled a major role in your film “the Storm gate”?

That was much earlier. Pashinin was just starting his acting career and tried very hard. Though he already lied. I do not accept in people. Although, in principle, if he’d come to his senses, could work to very good, average. But see – his motanul in the other direction. I think Russian cinema is its absence will quietly worry.


Director Vadim Shmelev took Pashinin in the series “Undine” (2003).

– Vadim, now would you invite this man in your picture?

I think so.

– Even though the events that happen in his life? He went to Ukraine where, according to rumors, supports punitive battalion “Azov”.

– I do not know! If all so sad, as you say, and Pashinin is associated with the “Azov”, then maybe we’re not on the way. The fact that I, though I try not to get into political games, but the selection is Anatoly, I do not share.

– If you were thinking to take it off and I would know, say, now for me that he chose that path, would have refused his participation in the film?

I need this information to check the first time about the such hear. On the floor can’t believe.


Irina Volkova, one of the Directors of the film “the Embezzlers” (2011), where a role is also given to Anatoly Pashinina.

And who is Anatoly Pashinin? Can’t remember something. The surname is familiar, but I can’t remember.

– He starred in the movie. And then he moved to Ukraine to support the national battalion “Azov”. Such a person today you would agree to remove in the picture?

– If a person is ready to do their work on a professional level, high quality, and will not provoke others, to impose their point of view, why not? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if while working on a painting, he’d rubbed me about politics, it is unlikely that we would be together.

Vladimir Zelensky was afraid to come to the premiere in Moscow (30 photos)

– That is, if he came, worked quietly and left, and then continued its activities in Ukraine, there is nothing wrong you wouldn’t have seen?

– If he’s not a criminal, nor killed anyone, I don’t have the right to refuse him. Now a lot of people, so just gaining points, gaining popularity due to political events, maybe Asinine just don’t have enough fame? Another question – I don’t know how others would perceive his audience. In this case, Anatoly takes a lot of risks in their profession. Media people need to be very careful with your popularity, and to comply with the measure in statements. It is impossible to manipulate public opportunities. But in any case, I can’t think of a Pashinin.


Director Zinovi Roizman has removed Anatoly Pashinin in the series “Escape-2”.

– Pashinin say? Big fool this Pashinin.

– After the incident with the actor events, invited him to his picture?

– Definitely not. And not because I am a great patriot of Russia, but because of the fools on the job can not be taken. That’s all.

– Why do you think that he is a fool because he is not?

– Yes, because everyone in this life should do the trick. And the fact that he allegedly fighting with the “Azov” – I don’t know. I assure you, he’s not Alexander Matrosov. Apparently, he decided to enrich his biography that he fought on the other side. I was born in Ukraine in Odessa. It hurts me to see what is happening there. Two Slavic people quarrel among themselves. But nevertheless, I think if you’re an actor, to Express their protest in the profession, read the verses in the end. I don’t like people who earn cheap popularity in this way.

– You remember how Pashinin behaved on the set? Aggression, for example, expressed?

– No, no aggression I didn’t notice was an ordinary blockhead. He tried on a mask silly, fun-loving guy. Pashinin was an actor not the highest quality. Beside him worked a highly organized guys Chursin, Epifantsev, this is really talented guys wasting time on the not waste. What is happening in my life Pashinin — it makes me simultaneously sad and funny.

Remember, only telling him, “Roofing, get it together, please I’m begging you”. This is Alexey Panin, also an actor with his eccentricities. But he is talented. And you can forgive him anything. And would have continued to take it off. But this story is not Whether Pashinin. There is no talent, no mind.


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