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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“The magic circle Senkevich: known Indology and poet – 75 years”

In his later years Alexander looks young, keeps cheerfully, carries on his shoulder a heavy bag of books. Its rich library is updated with new rare volumes. Just before his 75th birthday, I invited Senkevich to “MK”.

photo: From personal archive

The harbinger

In a moment of fatigue and loneliness reopens poetry book of Alexander Senkevich “the Harbinger”, with grace published some years ago in Riga. In parallel, each poem is a translation of the famous Latvian poet Imants ausina. The book cover is like a hot day in July sun, sunset, vibrant etchings by artist Brui Paris (French pronunciation). William brui long since left home, but didn’t break up with her spiritually. Immersed in the mood of the poet and feel that the soul thawed. Read slowly, with the sound, go to his revelations and the world, transformed by the word:

With fierce curiosity

I watched from behind the clouds,

the impending gloomy shamelessness,

broke, blinding, beam of…

Ausing reading of Sienkiewicz, felt a kinship to their poetic spirit and building. And translated his classically poems with rhyme, although the rhyme now, many don’t ask yourself…

Remember the warm climate of Riga presentation “on the Move”. Still, it was a holiday and poet Imanta ausina. The celebration was led by the Parisian, French PhD, a connoisseur of literature and art of Russian abroad Rene Guerra.

Don’t forget me and the presentation of the book of Sienkiewicz in Paris, at the Institute of Slavic, in the hall of Leo Tolstoy. Russian Parisians, especially artists, sincerely and gratefully embraced the poet. And they will forever remain friends with them.

Interesting to listen to an impassioned reading of Sienkiewicz, catching the harmony of sound, music, responsive heart.

Soul, weakened by the night,

terrified and barely alive,

when torn to shreds

the finest lace of words.

In the severe struggle with himself, with his own delusions, the poet seeking harmony with all that rushes toward the light.

“Silver” prize winner Bunin, he never talks about winning. His passion is knowledge of the world, people, art. With professional meticulousness exploring India and all of Eastern civilization. For f finishes big book “Buddha”, solves the mystery of the identity of the philosopher and the sage.

Fell in love very early

— Alexander Nikolaevich, it is hard to believe in your 75. You’re full of generous wisdom and power: all in ideas, in communication with the whole world. Where do you find energy and youthful spirit?

— Of course, some human qualities have taken root in me. I believe in it. In me flows the energy of people dear to me. They are much younger than me and around me. They cheer and inspire me. I have friends the same age as me.

— Please, tell about ancestors.

— Remember grandfather, my mother’s father. I’ve only seen him once. I was surprised: he was married six times! Lived in the Urals village. Small growth, not a giant, but a big Swinger, allowed himself to get drunk. Speaking in simple way, often “do not dry”. He had one daughter (my mother) and five sons. All the sons were killed during the war.

But this did not prevent him to live to almost 90. Will surprise you: my great-grandfather was a priest. And from grandma’s side, my ancestors — the energetic people, the peasants. However, they moved to the city, kept a mail station with good horses. Gave children education: my grandmother and her sister (they graduated from high school). Their son, a graduate of the school, turned his life, that at one time was the Deputy Mikoyan.

Continue to surprise. My grandfather on my father’s side was a political prisoner under the Tsar: led an uprising in Belarus. I have the Belarusian-Lithuanian roots. They say he was a cool character! At all meetings of ex-convicts grandfather brought me.

I guess you wanted him to develop in you the fighting spirit?

— I was inspired by his love for 17-year-old beauty. And my grandfather was over 70! One day me, boy, put on his knees the old woman, and I then said the grandfather: “This is Vera Figner”. So my spirit cheerful fun — old family starter. The details of my long-standing historic meetings told me later dad and smiled, “Remember who held you on his knees”. These moments somehow connects me with the pre-revolutionary life. And Vera Figner, was sentenced to death, spent 20 years in Schlisselburg fortress, and two years in exile. But in 1915 he returned to Russia. Despite his dramatic past, she lived to 90.

Many friends in the revolutionary struggle in front of them was executed, they still loved life. It is inspiring. The atmosphere of their resistance to the troubles and difficulties by invisible threads inside me.

Is life a good influence on impressionable youths. I think you and fell in love very early.

At 13 years old the first time I fell in love with an Armenian girl. Very much. She is a year younger than me, with music named Leyla. And I kind of became Majnun. The steam from a medieval poem by the great Nizami’s “Layla and Majnun”.

The village is Small Pomac — near Georgia, where my parents are geologists worked in the field season. Layla was incredibly beautiful, I wrote her ardent letters. Clean, not filthy boy, I have feelings for her recorded poems. My romantic nature then waited for her letters. They came. She wrote in broken Russian. We joined her in admiring the mountains, looked toward the Turkish border. In my hands — his father’s binoculars: admiring nature and the world in turn. We were very romantic.

I grew up politicized the child and sang her praises about the security of our borders. The time flew by. In the second year of the Moscow University in writing I agreed with her about the meeting. My parents are geologists then worked in Mongolia. The story of a French writer at 18 years old I scribbled some play, and it was on national TV. Earned money and decided to go to a meeting with Leila.

Although I already had the new Moscow Hobbies, but Leyla has remained an ideal. We agreed to meet in Borjomi, where the magic water flows from the bowels of the earth. And suddenly I saw a quite empty on the platform a young woman excessive thickness. I jumped under the platform. And hid from the fright. And long were standing there, preparing to flee to Moscow. Thus ended my first love.

— Sienkiewicz, are you happy with their wonderful friends. In your opinion, what is the secret of this friendship?

— In friendship appreciate the sacrifice. Friends for me is the magic circle. For it does not penetrate the demonic power. Although she walks around! In recent years I have lost very dear and close friend. With the students I became friends with Slava Belza. And once he saved my life. In ‘ 92 we were with him in the Himalayas, in the Spiti valley, at an altitude of 4000 meters. There I got food poisoning and lost consciousness. Fame organized a military helicopter and sent me to Chandigarh, to the hospital.

photo: From personal archive
Two Senkevich: George and Alexander in India on the Holy mountain.

He saved my life. And I could not see him from death to save.

— Sasha, you looked very good together with video: Ausines on your creative events in Riga. You felt his inner closeness?

For me it was an unexpected intimacy. He took me on my poems even before we first met. And when he translated my book, wrote the Foreword. He, of course, a connoisseur of the Russian poetry of the world, suddenly, unexpectedly for me, went on shouting that I, Sienkiewicz, mean, according to him, in Russian poetry.

Is he pleased for you.

— Rather puzzled. And inspired.

The Secrets Of Helena Blavatsky

Sienkiewicz — fine lyricist. Beautifully published book of poetry attest to the talent of bright, owning all the means of poetic depiction. And suddenly all who know him, he hit the books of Helena Blavatsky, the mysterious teosoft toured the world.

— How did you manage to imagine and represent a complex and mysterious world of Helen?

— Every writer feels compassion for his characters. Feel my book about Helena Petrovna turned out. As evidenced by its six editions. The first book is called “the Seven mysteries of Helena Blavatsky”. Then f published in “Blavatsky”. Its published and other editors. She has good success. During this time, I something else found in the mysterious Elena. And I want to finish!

— You’re not the first Blavatsky wrote. But why is your novel about her life so enriching the reader?

— Probably, people are interested in my opinion on different concealed the existence of its unbridled nature, including in his personal life, hidden from prying eyes. Elena insisted that she is a virgin. No one was allowed and devoted to her in a storm of internal passions. She sometimes acted rashly. Her unique emotional world. People she imagined herself impassive as a Buddha. Each of us too can be a Buddha. Blavatsky had borrowed much from the existing Western Buddhist.

— Elena is a beautiful, intelligent woman. I fell in love with not seen it men?

— This has been written by father Pavel Florensky, the priest. He then lived in Tiflis. In my book I tell about it, using the testimony of Pavel Florensky: if Elena was harnessed their Boyfriends in the carriage, and they dragged her along the main street of Tiflis. She fell in love only twice, but a great Gulf lay between her and the characters of her feelings.

— Who theosophy talking?

— To my new readers who believe in its sublime uniqueness. Wise Elena told herself: a world where any writer — self-righteous, and Pharisaic. And this has to be considered. At the same time an emotional man, she perceived life differently, with a lyricism not parting with hope.

— What is the point of view closer Senkevich?

— Maybe I’m stupid, but I think there is something different in the relationship between people, something bigger, more warm and encouraging than bigotry and hypocrisy.

Mystical communion with the Buddha

— Before your 75th anniversary it’s time to hear from the writer, and when completed will finish the long awaited book “Buddha”?

— Can finish the work in an hour, just to get home. I almost wrote this book. I think these books need to write my age. The Buddha was 80 years old. To read all the materials about Buddha, all interpretations of his teachings, will require 200-300 years.

— And is there an exaggeration?

The Buddha did not want and did not seek to superhero or Superman.

— Alexander Nikolayevich, but we must remember the feature from other periods. There appeared the notion of “Superman”, but the interpretation of this term leads to the understanding and experience of the Buddha is to overcome all the negative thoughts and feelings.

— Here’s what I learned: even in tragic circumstances, when the earth leaves from under feet, people never cease to dream, to hope and to believe that good triumphs over evil. The circumstances, as the arrow of the compass oscillate in one direction and then in the other side. What is always confusing and does not focus on himself. We need to realize the power that controls the pendulum, is in each of us.

— How many great personalities, scientists, philosophers, artists found something absolutely necessary in every individual. About whom of them would you wrote?

— I quote the wise albert Einstein: “Religion in the future will be a cosmic religion. She will have to overcome the opinion of a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it will grounded on a religious sense arising from the experience of a meaningful unity of all things, natural and spiritual. Such a description corresponds to Buddhism”.

photo: From personal archive
With Mikhail Zadornov visiting Buddhist monks.

— Did you have a special, so to speak, a personal interest in the Buddhist thread?

Long time ago me a question about karma racked up. The recompense for good and evil actions. After all, the act of being merciless.

— What does the word Buddha?

— From the language of Sanskrit it translates as “awakened”, “enlightened”. The original state of nature of the living entity.

— Probably, through the millennia have come down to us evidence of itinerant disciples of the Buddha, the sick, the hungry, but going forward?

— Passed from mouth to mouth his judgement. He believed: people are born with so much good! His brain created not only the earth, but also space. Don’t dwell on the ones instincts. It is necessary to destroy “the created”, the predatory nature of instincts. The Buddha was the first man who made it all overcame…

— Vale of life?

— You can say so. The second was the Christ. The Buddha is called the teacher of morality. Christ did not teach how to do it. First Jesus put the feeling. He read that each of us is a part of God.

Love lyrics

— The reader, especially readers, like love poems. Why Senkevich not to publish a book of poems dedicated to all who he was in love, or who love her and happy? I heard you the recognition that your lyrics have become more moral. What you put in this concept?

— I found the love of other values: “Find the darkness/not the asylum, and the house”.

— In early youth, when he was in love, wrote you poems?

— My first pet Leila, an Armenian girl and my legend, got me lyrical lines. Then I got involved with a girl from Kazakhstan, my classmate, her name was Saul. At the Institute of Oriental languages our course was 32. The largest group was our, Indian. Little girls, mostly daughters of high officials from Central Asia. Saul Pope was the Director of the academic Institute. She dressed in the hundredth section of Gum. But it didn’t take me. When she was on vacation went to Kazakhstan, I wrote her a poem a day. Two hundred were sent. A few years later met her at the Institute of Oriental studies. And not learned. She began to cry. Asked her: how’s it going my doggerel? And I heard: my poems were kept by her grandmother, the woman educated. But when the grandmother did not become, without the knowledge of Saule relatives threw away the verses in the trash.” Saule was married. And then I thought, “Lord, in the wrong hands they’ve got it!” I wrote them without drafts. Improvised on the post office and immediately sent. My feelings were sincere and pure. Now would call them by style erotic and spiritual. In my memory has survived only one stanza, but I turn it into a book:

I used to live yesterday and to be Oguz Khan,

To sit in the tent, to take women, to drink Mare’s milk.

And slowly, like the wind over the dune,

The sand moved times b thought.

— Sienkiewicz, where were first published your poetry?

In 19 years in the newspaper “Moscow University”. Their output contributed to a wonderful person Oleg Torchinsky. He was working there. Then Torchinsky closely followed my publications, wrote reviews of my poetry books.

But the most inspiring publication took place in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the blessing of the great Arseny Tarkovsky. I was already 26. I decided that the poetic life is to continue not to anything too adult.

— You’ve been Indology. It was obliged to become an important and wise?

— But it was not until the meeting with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, with you, Natasha. All my publication in “MK” my family cherish. It was the late 60s.

— We met at the end of ‘ 68. And I got scolded: to hide such brilliant poems inhuman. Already a famous poet, you dedicate poems to the French Impressionists. What wisdom they instilled?

— Close to me genre, brought up a lifestyle of brilliant artists. Poverty! Although not on the brink of poverty, but terrible. The artist is not starving, but not about his sadness. I even have one poem begins with the line: “I am poor and in love, and lived until the spring…” the Combination of the words “I am poor and in love” belongs to Byron. They’re oil on my soul. Byronic setting effective. According to the Eastern tradition, I develop further the themes of the paintings of the Impressionists, post-Impressionists, they excite me, excite and highlight. I was under the impression starting to flicker. Sound wave illiteracy makes you Horny bears…

— Sasha, and now I see your transformation when you’re talking about art, about poetry, about the sound of witchcraft. Gives you a younger person. In the eyes of the imps. Get inspired!

— I judge women not by age. But the perception is there in her eyes. If ignited — so the youth about her.

— Yes, my glowing poet! It is time to release a collection of love lyrics. There is such a plan?

In April in Riga will be a new collection of my love lyrics. It is dedicated to the women that came into my life.

— Sasha, spring has already come. Say for us, for women, their recognition…

— Say the words of gratitude

Once emerged from the haze

steamed summer day,

in the face of all-powerful invisible

you saved and saved me.


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