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Monday, March 12, 2018

“The Kremlin and the state Duma asked the investigators to protect business”

Focus this year on the investigation of corruption and tax crimes, as well as to respond to reports of non-payment of wages, encouraged his subordinates, the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin at the expanded session of Board held on Friday, February 26. At the same time, participating in the College the head of the presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov and the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev urged investigators to be more responsible with the protection of the business.

photo: morguefile.com

As noted by the head of the TFR, since the start of independent activity, the Agency has significantly improved the quality of the investigation and almost got rid of red tape.

– We can say that the Investigative Committee as an independent Federal structure took place, – said Bastrykin. – Equipped with the most modern forensic equipment, it is actively developed and consistently narisevat efforts to combat crime.

According to the head of the TFR, only over the past year the investigators of the RCDS have been checked more than 4 million messages about crimes over a million times, employees of SKR traveled to the place of crimes, initiated more than 700 thousand criminal cases, and the courts sent almost 500 thousand criminal cases.

Revealed 89% of murders, 90% of rapes decreased the proportion of grave and especially grave crimes has decreased the number of cases of serious damage to health, – Bastrykin has listed achievements, noting that this was achieved, including through joint coordinated work with the operational units of other law enforcement and security agencies — the interior Ministry, the FSB, Drug control.

– Many tasks had to be solved first, literally on the move, with wheels, including such large ones as the formation of the investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee in Crimea and Sevastopol. With this task we has successfully coped too, – said Bastrykin.

In his opinion, the results of TFR say about the correctness of the decision to divide the powers of the investigation and the Prosecutor’s supervision:

– The quality of preliminary investigation has improved significantly. For comparison: in 2006, i.e. before the reform, the courts had returned 5000 criminal cases, in 2015, such cases were 1355, that is, this index decreased more than three times. And this despite the fact that additionally came to us grave and especially grave crimes committed by minors and against minors, tax and other complex crimes.

The head of the RCDS mentioned legislative activity of the Agency: on the initiative of the TFR stricter liability for crimes against children, for nonpayment of wages, criminalized the actions of the raider groups. Also entered into force the law on taxation of NPOs. Its implementation, as noted Bastrykin, allows you to tax income that is available abroad.

Determined by the head of the RCDS and the fact that we need to “improve the legislation” in the near future. He believes that it is necessary to translate from a “dead” workers in the article providing for liability for currency speculation and proposed “to establish responsibility for the manufacture and putting into circulation of money substitutes, which “is getting more widespread and actually replace legal money”.

– In the mass distribution of this phenomenon it can be a real danger. Besides, virtual currency is used when recruiting new members of banned extremist organizations and the financing of transnational organized crime, – explained the head of the RCDS.

Main tasks Bastrykin to its employees, was announced five: “focus on investigation of corruption crimes, in cooperation with the internal revenue service quickly and efficiently to investigate tax crimes, timely respond to messages about not paying salaries, to continue to improve the quality of the preliminary investigation, to take further measures aimed at qualitative investigation and disclosure of crimes of particular importance”.

Several important directions of investigation in the current year was outlined by the head of the presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov. The priority remains combating crimes of corruption character – “seek to expose corrupt officials, reveal the hidden, well-camouflaged scheme of misconduct”, the strengthening of the financial liability of those who are convicted of corruption offences and cleansing of the state apparatus, including the UK, “regardless of ranks and titles”.

Ivanov highlighted one very important, in his opinion the subject.

– Significant effort requires the investigation of economic crimes, including raiding. Emphasize — we are talking about protecting the interests of the state, citizens, law-abiding business. In contrast, the direct damage the country, its development, the business climate is cause of action related to the involvement of investigators in corporate conflicts, the use of the so-called custom-made Affairs to put pressure on employers and the redistribution of property. The reaction to such cases must be prompt clearly…

He once again reminded the investigators that the investigation of economic and other Affairs, you must maintain a reasonable balance when electing the measure of restraint.

– Where possible, make greater use of bail, house arrest, without compromising the effectiveness of investigation and preferably without destroying the business. Because it often happens that in the course of the investigative action are arrested not only the offender, but also goods in the warehouse, the computers. And business stops. And then either dies or goes into other hands.

In turn, the head of the faction “United Russia”, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Vladimir Vasilev has reminded investigators that it is the work of business is filled with the Russian budget and from its status depend on salary. Including employees of the RCDS.


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