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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Son Tabakov played love with “don’t””

Mary Tabakov came to the theater with flowers — her older brother plays the main role in the premiere of the play “Nameless star”. This is the first major role of Pavel Tabakov theatre. Directed by Alexander Marin has put performance about romantic love… for one night that changed the lives of the characters. The details from the premiere columnist of “MK”.

Mona (Anna chipovskaya) and Marin (Pavel Tabakov). Photo: tabakov.ru

Room is Packed, and, as reported by the employees of the basement theatre, tickets for two months forward sold a long time ago. Which is not surprising: Snuff the audience likes the play of the Romanian literature classic Mihai of Sebastiana thanks to the film by Mikhail Kozakov, a film based in the 70-ies of the last century, the cult thing. The Director then played a charming cynic Grieg in partnership with Anastasia Vertinsky and Igor Kostolevsky. This shining romantic love story of a poor teacher of astronomy Marina Mira from a provincial town to the more luxurious playgirl Monet. Although the piece itself was composed in hard times — in 1942 military year.

An important detail that should be considered when evaluating productions: “Untitled star” began to rehearse for another Director, but failed, and his case was transferred to Marina Alexander, a talented Director, only this season he released the wonderful “the Storm” Shakespeare. But the professional who is forced to redraw someone else’s work, having already finished alien scenery and costumes, and most importantly — the distribution of roles, one can only sympathize. For the viewer, the internal problems of the theatre not the argument: he paid the money, came by to have fun — has the right.

About the risk comparison with the iconic pattern Kozakov you can forget from the very first scenes — Marin builds his story without much flair of romanticism. Characters such as an astronomer Marin, now unlikely to meet. Our pragmatic time have plagued this kind of selfless romantics, Professor of science, ready for years underfed, wearing ragged suits, out of fashion, only to for the big money to write down from the capital a rare book with some mathematical calculations there. The promising young scholars even from the provinces this issue has been solved long ago: sell the brains and ideas creditworthy countries, where science is a priority. Of course, there are nerds (more like style), but for those with a sober Outlook on life is more or less fine. So Marin Mira — a hero of our time. And yet…

The play, like the play, begins at the station (decoration of Nikolai Simonov’s very functional), where the head of the tall man subordinates (Vladislav Naumov) await the arrival from the capital of the diesel — only entertainment in this godforsaken backwater at 8425 inhabitants. Sergey Belyaev as head of its amazing game immediately sets the tone of the action is soft, so elegant farce, which is amplified with the advent of classy ladies Madame Kuku (Alyona Lapteva). Torn between a schoolgirl Zamfirescu (Natalia Popova), and this triangle is causing unbridled laughter in the hall. And artists work without pressure, gently, as a student of the 3rd year of College Popov does not lag behind the pros. On such a space background sky-the oddity of teachers of astronomy looks particularly edgy. In the role of Mira — Pavel Tabakov, whom sister Mary brought in flowers this evening.

Junior Tabakov has an enviable texture: the facial features are large sculpting, blond hair falling in large bright eyes, slender but built, such especially loves the camera. What has been proved in two films with his participation — “Star” and “Orleans”. In the latter, by the way, he played blissfully in love teenager in one skank, by the way, a certain provincial town. But in “Orleans” his love is dumb — doesn’t say a word. Another thing — the theatre.

At first he’s afraid, that it is not difficult to notice at the basement theatre, where everything is at a glance. However, shyness is the first big work successfully matches the character of its hero freak not of this world. And then there’s the test — a meeting with a beautiful woman from another system. The teacher, more mentally accustomed to live among heavenly bodies, is literally breaking the mould in the form of a creature “not from here”. The creature has bare shoulders, arms, back, luxury dress and inappropriate behavior — all the time tries to throw himself under a train.

Alexander Marin deliberately grounds the image of the Mona (Anna chipovskaya) — unromantic-looking as if beauty only came from the nightclub. Her beauty is kind of shabby, with printing of all earthly sins. However, the Director could not allow himself superficial speculations on the current situation. None of these realities and in suits Evgenia Panfilova: on the contrary, they seem old-fashioned, with comical details — ladies ‘ hats-keep pills on the head of the tape-like bandages in patients flux, or laces that flick of the wrist faceless grey skirt turned into a arrogant cause. Luxurious Mona dress (grey, with rhinestone, flat cable into the floor), as with the dummy white expensive suit Grieg, and Marin… in its old-fashioned an old suit in which the trousers with flared from the hip one-on-one with this grounded, boring world.

But Marin Tabakov with the world, not struggling — he seemed not to notice, though he apologizes for his imperfection and cynicism. His love of the particle “not” is awkward, ridiculous, half-hearted, not for show and, alas, short-lived, like a flower for one night. It’s all in the game artist Pavlo Tabakov.

Together with the Director of the first Comedy act to smoothly lead to the dramatic ending, are known to all, Mona, the beauty of which for the night free of dirt, would still prefer a rich cynic Grieg. But the drama again devoid of poses and artificial beauty is just one metaphor of an upturned sky will put an end in this story. Without dot, so desirable room.


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