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Thursday, February 15, 2018

“Russian scientists have created a rejuvenating chocolate with sea urchins”

A group of researchers, representing the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic chemistry, far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, presented an unusual chocolate with the addition of substances isolated from sea stars, sea urchins and lemongrass. Your Supplement scientists call “sea vitamins”, and the chocolate was called “Maritime masterpiece”.

photo: Yelena Minashkina

According to the creators of chocolate, they presented a complex of vitamins slows down the aging process and have a favorable effect on metabolic processes, which, according to experts, increases the quality of life and promotes longevity. In the development chocolate was also attended by representatives of the far Eastern Federal University.

In the message of the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic chemistry States that experts are studying the structure and biomedical properties of marine natural compounds for the past 40 years, and the new chocolate was not the first practical application of these knowledge — previously scientists on the basis of these compounds were established medicinal preparations and biologically active additives, which were further successfully implemented in practical medicine.

Russian scientists remind us that chocolate is healthy in and of itself. This is evidenced by the results of recent studies conducted by experts from other countries. In particular, recently, a group of nutritionists from the University of South Australia found new evidence that chocolate makes you smarter: for improving memory and ability to reason and should be used at least once a week. Other studies conducted earlier have shown that chocolate is good for the cardiovascular system

Attempts to make chocolate even better are being made not only in Russia. In particular, last year, pastry chefs from Germany announced his intention to create the “perfect chocolate” by developing its molecular formula is most beneficial for the body.


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