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Friday, March 16, 2018

“On the anniversary of Pauls Pugacheva brought several trucks of roses”

Philip almost old of Sutil due to “thin” the participants of the creative evening in honor of the 80th anniversary of the Maestro Raimonds Pauls – had eaten the whole baldness organizers. Those were perplexed: Ani Lorak, Loboda, M., Leps, Allegrova, Malinin, lime! Pugachev, in the end! Not counting the very Sunny! Wow – thin!

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

Raimond Pauls.

Pop king, however, was not dissatisfied with Alla, of course. Holy Holy! A “fry”, which is, indeed, the jamb nosing around the stage to the accompaniment of Maestro Pauls, and kept getting tangled under the feet of the stately procession of the giants of pop, pop kings, Queens, empresses, who arrived to honor the iconic and one of the most brilliant pop composers of the last third of the twentieth century.

Six-thousandth hall was Packed to capacity, and given that the posters were not Pugachyova, who agreed to participate in the event only three months of vagaries and doubt, when tickets are already sold out, it was clear that the audience came to enjoy and nostalgia in the first place under the imperishable music of the Maestro in any of its incarnations. “Good songs never get old, they become classics,” said the Diva, without which, however, imagine this event could only insane…

The culprit same filova anger was – oops! – the birthday boy himself. In an interview with “MK” mater said: “I agreed with the proposal of Grigory Leps (to arrange a jubilee concert in Moscow) only on the condition that its producer center will host stars. I said, definitely need talented young people, because the future is youth.”

Even though Mr. Leps seasons incubates mentors talent show on TV Yes even their own rules contest “Vysshaya Proba”! Young people gathered more than enough. And if the master of Pauls called to the scene stars mainly short features – “wonderful/great singer/female singer”, then “our future” with fatherly warmth and detailed description of each talent and vocals were presented to Sergei Zhilin, head of the “Fonograf jazz Band”, musician and pedagog that – and it was obvious – at least Mr. Paul’s calls for fresh blood on the stage.

“Fresh blood” was really vociferous, assertive, energetic. “Young” was laid on all cylinders, carefully using the sounds of pop masterpieces, mostly from the Pugachev repertoire, thereby warming up the audience before the meeting with The Chief and Beautiful. Mariam Merabova, Vitold Petrovsky, Renata Walkiewicz, Georgy Yufa, Gleb Matveichuk already known for rating competitions and, in General, quite talented. But the cunning works of Mr. Pauls and plume their original performers that formula “, the song theatre” not just a pretty phrase, but the essence of pleasure. And at the climax of “don’t listen to me/It’s all stupid bravado/You know I waited for you!” the audience needs to feel skin not foolish bravado, but the dystopian drama “strong woman crying at the window”. And to howl along with her wounded Beluga… While “talented youth” mastered only “stupid bravado”, although very golosita.

Apart, however, stood in this line “our future” Olivia Crash (“I love you more than nature”), Sharif (“Swift”) and Intars Busulis with a cover of “I draw”, inherited from the JAC Joely and reinterpreted now with such a distinctive personality and vocal beginning, that even Raymond could not get enough. “Who could have known, when at the concert in Riga before the “New Wave” a few years ago when I first saw this humble and slightly awkward guy – as it seemed to me then, that it will grow into such a beautiful singer!” – enthused in a conversation with “MK” is usually a Muslim Counsellor.

However, a definite plus “youth” unit was that the Maestro and the jazz band “Phonograph” with the orchestra had the opportunity to play live sound relish, inasmuch as “pop kings” Yes “the Empress” considered, apparently, beneath his dignity and professionalism not only to be confused on the same stage with “fry”, but also sing live. However, many soundtracks were specially rewritten for this show and sounded very fresh, and artists-the giants could reassure themselves that “their live” they sang-has covered-has read about as much as any young men have not yet dreamed of. That is also true! Hazing, therefore, not only in the army…

But masters once again showed and the audience, and young shoots – what is the survival school, which they all passed in that era, when Mr. Paul was already writing his own hits, and Valery Leontiev, for example, “banned everywhere” – that reminded Philip, who performed the smash hit of luxury “Even If You Leave”, which is “forbidden” Leontiev for the first time addressed the rights of “random audience member” Pugacheva in concert at the variety Theatre.

This “survival school”, apparently, still holds our megastars in a tone that is envied by many “young talents”. And if Valery Yakovlevich you can easily compare with the indefatigable Mick Jagger, looking at cheerful Lima in amazing tails often reminded of Marlene Dietrich… “Yes, there were people in our time, not what the current tribe!”, – the poet said, and just by looking at Irina Allegrova…

And who was enough of a costumed visual of drive and courage, such as Grigory Leps Ani Lorak, they did not hesitate and play – rolled among the music stands with their little violins the band and so he hit “Yellow Leaves” that poor Raymond opened his mouth and comatose views leaned on the piano, stopped playing, because all the same for booming riffs are almost heavy rock would not be heard a timid tapping on the keys. But then Mr. Leps for some reason stepped on the same Pugachev Rob, deciding to be blanched in turn as an encore, and although it was Lepkowski enchanting, but this interpretation strongly resembled the monotonous howling of the muezzin from the minaret, and then didn’t want to call the artist for an encore.


The waiter brought some simple props – a table, a mirror, a couple of hairpieces and something like galoshes. “It wouldn’t have…”, – began his short announcement Raimonds Pauls and couldn’t finish… the air in the room vibrated with enthusiastic wail of thousands of throats. Alla, though, and left the stage as the active gastrolery, but still from time to time pleased the people of the next coming. And this is coming every time is worth its weight in gold. Secret hope to “get rich” harbored, of course, everyone who bought a ticket on the anniversary of Pauls. And it has paid off. Pugachev jackpot fell out to everyone!

Alla heels (sorry, not in louboutins!) and in a delightful black tights (or whatever they are called now in fashion?) sheer cover girl appeared before the eyes of the flock. But the knowledgeable fans have worried – her legs Bo-Bo, and she’s in high heels! But Diva stoically carried the cross the Living legend of the entire song long, sweeping up and down the legendary slender legs in high heels length and breadth of a wide stage, all showed atmeneti forms and sat down to the second song at the table. And then revealed the true purpose of overshoes. Jokes-to-head curly hairpieces and pereobuchitj, she created the image for smash hit “Hey, you up there!”, and then galoshes and left – never to be constrained in his movements and emotions.

Alla Pugacheva.
Jubilee evening of Raimonds Pauls “Holy to the music of love…” (48 photos)

Anyway, with Pauls “Golden Fund” was already shown by other participants of the anniversary, the Diva also added “Without me” and the hit of all times and peoples (including Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) “Million red roses” and the holiday was so full, gave the audience two novelties that turned the anniversary of the Maestro in the event of extraordinary scale. More precisely – not absolutely new, but rather forgotten rarity (“Yesterday’s Performance” the poet Ilya Reznik) and unreleased (“don’t Leave Me”). The last verses of the poet Andrei Voznesensky. “This is my little debt to him,” sad Diva.

Rehearsal of this song in an old apartment on Tverskaya Alla remained in an Amateur newsreel of the singer and even was shown on TV, but have not performed it publicly – not only because of the “carelessness” but also because of the past cracks in the relationship with Pauls, which the Maestro gave “right of first night” the then young and aspiring Valentina by Legkostupova. Many in those days did not understand what this is Alla so hot for the young “berry-raspberry”, but now much becomes clear…

However, in the performance of Valentina disappeared even hints at the power and passion that were evident even to an Amateur rehearsal shooting Alla and song don’t even remember. Now melancholy music Pauls, pathetic text about “the edge, piercing favorite” and a heart-wrenching prophecy Living Legend “for you I will not die, I will become a handful of earth” drove hall into a stupor from which I had to get out only with a million scarlet roses.

Not only in a figurative song, but in a direct physical sense – in the final, the whole scene made a huge basket with a huge purple rose. Them all day delivered by trucks to the hall, had stopped all the passages and transitions. “It’s not a million roses, but all – you! From us, dear Raymond!”, – Alla said, modestly concealed from the court a generous nature, for the phrase “from us” actually was just a figure of speech. Pugacheva, even though he was invited by the diva at the party Maestro, but could not, of course, to let things take their course, “included” own direction, and bought for the money one and a half thousand (!) plus, of course, one rose, so the holiday was an unforgettable finale.

“The concert came to an end, but the creativity of this person can’t come to an end!”, – right Divas was supported by a loud ovation from the audience, and Alla was nothing but optimistic to promise a new meeting “thirty years”…


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