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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Nuland was Woland”

It seems to resist the barrage of propaganda impossible. But inside the filament and its background of people live ordinary, everyday lives: buying groceries, fall in love, talking to friends… Thoughts are flowing everyday, not mean-spirited… Though interspersed with policy — where to go?

photo: Alexei Merinov


At a young age lesions, even if they are more than victories, are perceived as an inevitable obstacle in the path to the radiant future, because it is not a very deep wound. In later years when confronted with obstacles that cannot be overcome, it is possible to reassure yourself, “there is time to insist on his own”. And just at sunset we have to admit (to avoid already impossible, this maneuver has no prospects, not even the nearest space, it has been narrowed to shagreen “no”): you failed. From grandiose our plans got zilch, and no matter how ambitious, it is significant you may seem, you desired are not achieved. Zilch and nothing else — the outcome of any life.


In order to build Napoleonic plans don’t have to be Napoleon. In order to implement them, it is advisable to be a little bit on the midget like.

The difference

The advantage of men before woman? He can direct the stream wherever I want, in any direction, and she can’t, she’s not the boss of their jet. He is a hunter, sniper, sighting suggestive of a weapon on any object and subject. He is always trying his warlike gonad, even if his musket, carbine, rifle, sawed-off shotgun for anything but urination, are not suitable.


Rare dreamer transformed over the years into vulgar zarabatyval money. Well even if it means he manages.

Become the black sheep

Bright, major personality must be received no screen, not according to the standard pattern, and different from, individually, original. Need to Express themselves, so to speak, moving in the wrong direction, the opposition of the established stereotypes. For example: today, no one is inferior to anyone in the transport, the elderly and the disabled are forced to stand. This is a blatant everyday reality. Find the courage to violate the norm. Climb! Tear off the synthetic skin. Get over yourself and politely say: “Sit down, please!” I don’t care what you stare at as abnormal even those to whom you have offered a place, not to mention the other passengers. Try to play the role of the white ravens, and not to studentsa. Take the first step to finding his true self.

The middle class

Crisis. Difficult time. Melts and decreases the middle class — the guarantor of stability in society. But more and more lumpen. Of cheap labor. In fact, the entire middle class, concentrated in the government and among some Kremlin officials. Upstairs — an unattainable celestial, the President, the highest standard and level that we — his closest supporters, the middle class and into poverty all the rest. The difficult burden of a narrow layer — truly Atlantean holding the arch of our society on their shoulders! Before stability the burden was distributed among many, has now crushed them. Able to stand up straight. These heroes need to be encouraged. And to add to their salaries.


Marvel at the courageous calm with which to meet the President and his entourage for the crisis, the collapse of the ruble, rising prices. Sometimes it may seem that these shocks they do not relate and do not care.

Intelligence, stupidity, nobility

The mind is the ability to manipulate people, not endowed with mind. Nobility smart — rejection of such a privilege. Stupidity is lack of understanding of such nobility and exile, and the reproach of someone who doesn’t use their advantage to dominate. For his stupidity stupidity is punished by the fact that enthrones not someone who will sympathize with her, and one who is in the tail and mane will be her stupidity, to exploit, to rule over it, to goad and whip…

Advice to ambitious

If you’re not doing your job, it’s time for a raise.


Monuments should not demolish and destroy, they are the landmarks of history, symbols of eras. But the overthrow of the pedestal is also not less than a clear demonstration of the arising of a new understanding and awareness of the people themselves the driving force, the unwillingness to put up with the unbearable servile position. Approached the throat, and swept from the face of the capital of the hated Iron Felix. Documentary footage of the dismantling of this most gloomy, looming over the city and country of demonic monument — no less important fact than an erection on a pedestal of this Knight of the Sad figure of the Action (and it is true, unintentionally or not, F. E. looked like he swallowed Arshin don Quixote, partly ennobled him mertvuschyy appearance).

Of course, as a tribute to the madness gripping this monument may exist, but, you see, to wander among the stone and iron statues of the executioners not happy and evokes optimism. The horror is in the fact that even remaining stuffed the emptiness keeps his aura. Not every next monument will want to take the place of his cursed predecessor. Ridiculous would look, say, Bulgakov, Zoshchenko, and equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir in the place of the Creator of the Cheka. It is not just unequal, and polar opposite values.


But the monument in the memory of this place would catch on, blended, taking over the watch.

To give his son a good education, the parents of Lawrence Pavlovich sold their home. And it’s not wrong, I was right: the boy had learned, made a brilliant career. No wonder he is now called best Manager in the Soviet Union. All should follow his example. Why would this person circumvented and immortalized?


All of them, and even the most liberal of them, damn! Have imposed on our heads! Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev.

Yeltsin, so charming, always drunk… Podscope of uspremniku. For this and apologized?

The Night Of The Long Arms

In history was the Night of the Long Knives, we all remember what it was a colorful event. By analogy I propose to call Christmas night in Cologne, when the hot Eastern migrants attacked unrequited European women, Night, Long Arms, and Penises — I think this small-scale clash between two civilizations on the soil of the same instincts that dictated the Night of the Long Knives, will go down in the annals along with the most significant and symbolic facts now past.

The Japanese

It would seem that the Japanese are civilized, thinking people, and resumed hunting for whales… Not in the sea-the great ocean of peace harmless creatures. And no ideal in the world of Nations. Every nation of idiotice and frightening in their own way and in their own way. Our compatriots do not mind to push the white bear into the jaws of explosives and have fun watching the unfortunate animal rides in the snow, bleeding. Or saw off the Bulgarian fangs of the living sea lions… every nation is some kind of defect and flaw. From these shards and trying people, not seeing yourself from the side, lay a single harmonious whole. But some destroy the whales, others black, and others — Christians, and Christians didn’t commit the Crusades against Muslims and Jews? Limping on all legs humanity…

Trust in God

“Trust God” is not theoretical wisdom, not abstract philosophical reasoning, but purely practical advice. What you can do, what are, a weak person? To avoid illness or betrayal, to become a leader or a hero on the battlefield? Will try, Yes please in a situation where not only that it will not work, so still and laugh. Unpredictable and the Lord will build the circumstances that worthless will become the ruler of a great power, and the coward will stand bravely.

Children villains

Villains have to remember that doom their children to life to justify dishonesty committed by their parents.

The funeral

At the funeral more negativity and negative emotions bring is not dead, but living. The dead lie and silent and live talking about nonsense.


Earlier, people upon meeting each other take off his hat, now pulled out of ears headphones.


In winter it begins to seem that our country produces only chemicals for melting snow — so it or not, or it starts to pour like crazy, tons to insist on and win chemistry. And the janitor standing over them service, for fear that the Duma will pass a decision prohibiting the reactants, in a hurry to pour out all stocked for the winter pellets. If the asphalt is briefly white, not from snow, but from these granules.


Victoria Nuland is for Russia the Ukrainian-Moldovan Woland.

And lady winter is now in Winchester. To defend the right of feminist.


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